The fine art of decanting beauty products

Confession: one of my favorite things about traveling is, er, packing. Okay I said it. I love planning what outfits to wear, skin and body care products to bring, and picking out the best makeup to wear for the weather. I get such a thrill putting all of these things together in my head! I also enjoy physically placing them in the best possible arrangement. 

However, don't get any ideas about me being a pack rat. I like to travel light, which ups the challenge of planning the exact items to bring. If I can do without it for the next few days, I most likely won't be taking it with me!

That being said, one of my serious problems when packing is decanting my beauty products. I found these tools from Muji the other day to make my life easier!

A set of the tiny spatula, dropper, and funnel is only P65. These are useful for depotting creams and liquids into new cases - great if you travel a lot, or if you just want to have smaller and more sanitary containers for your makeup/ skincare.

I also got these 30ml tubes for my liquid products. They're a little pricey, but I haven't found anything as compact.

I also grabbed a set from Watsons. This is pretty much the only beauty kit you'd need on a plane, plus, it'll go through security since the containers are less than 30ml. I think this set cost under P200 only (forgot the exact price).

So there you go, my travel basics. I'm flying out to Tokyo tomorrow! Will be having some quality time packing later haha. I just need to get through all my work-related tasks. Ooh, please do follow me on Instagram (@lizlanuzo) to see my pics over the weekend! I post A LOT.

I'll end this before I start to ramble even more. :P