BB Cream Week: How to apply BB Creams correctly

BB creams are some of the most convenient bases in the history of forever to use. They're much like liquid foundations but with added benefits of hydration, sun protection, and skincare properties. This type of makeup is generally fuss-free to apply, but if you want to maximize them, I just have a few suggestions!

Apply sunscreen beforehand to get the right amount of sun protection and to create a smooth base for your BB cream. Just because your BB cream has SPF so-and-so, it doesn't mean that you'll get that exact number. You will need to apply a whole teaspoon of makeup all over your face to get that promised SPF - but who does that? Realistically you would only use a third of a teaspoon lest your face looks like unbaked cake. You'd still get some sun protection, but it's considerably less than what's noted on the bottle.

CC creams are excellent sunscreens because they're so sheer! Or you can use an ultra light sunblock like the one from Kiehl's

If your BB cream has SPF 50 then you can skip the sunscreen. But at SPF30 you won't be getting much, so just apply your usual skincare with SPF.

To maintain your protection from the harmful rays of the sun, either retouch your BB cream with a powder containing SPF every three hours, or re-apply the BB cream. The former is more convenient. :)

Smooth the BB cream equally all over your face using your hands. Personally I like the smear the BB cream in neat lines, to make sure that I am distributing the product evenly. Then I blend the liquid downwards and outwards with my fingers to ensure that it melts on my skin. I want the product to get into my lines and pores, looking just like a natural second layer.

Spread downwards then outwards, then buff in circular motions to really blend the product in. The model here is using the Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream - one of my faves! Click the link for the review. ;)

Fingers are the best at applying BBs IMHO, since they maximize the coverage you get and prevents wastage. However, you can also use a wet sponge, stippling brush, or a foundation brush if you don't like getting your hands messy. One other reason I love the Fairydrops BB Cream is because of the handy sponge applicator! Sometimes I just don't have time to wash and re-wash my hands when I'm applying makeup.

Apply concealer where needed (eyebags, blemishes, and discolored areas).

Set your t-zone with a loose powder. I still maintain that the best way to set wet makeup is loose powder. I used pressed ones sometimes but only when I'm in a dreadful hurry! When setting makeup, focus on the t-zone and apply everywhere else only sparingly. You want the powder only to absorb oil, not to sit on your face like a thick blanket.

...But what if my BB cream is too white or beige? Use foundation! It happens to the best of us, getting a BB cream that just doesn't fit our skin tone perfectly. No need to panic or give up on the product completely - just use your favorite powder foundation to set it all over! You can use the BB cream as a primer instead of as a face color. Blend in only a tiny amount, enough to brighten your face but not to shade it. Then proceed with your usual powder foundation. 

If you must insist on using the BB cream for coverage, mix it 1:1 with your liquid foundation. :) You'll get the benefits but less of the awful gray-beige shade.

So there you go, hope these tips were helpful! Please let me know if you have other hacks for your BB creams!

Photography: Fritz Tentativa

Makeup artist: Kim Rodriguez

Model: Miwha

Creative director and general alalay: Liz Lanuzo

PS - Thank you Fairydrops Philippines for allowing me to use their photos for this feature! A few months ago they tapped me to organize a shoot and direct the photos that they'll be using for their press kits, social media accounts, and website. It was a fun shoot with friends I've worked with before. You may be seeing more photos from that shoot in the future. ;)