Fragrance hack: Travalo Refillable Perfume Spray

I got the Travalo Refillable Perfume Spray (P680) last Christmas, lost it, but recently found it. Hence the extremely delayed post on it after I promised to review it last December! Anyway, it's a pretty nifty storage solution for people who love smelling fresh during the day but hate bringing a glass bottle or plastic atomizer. It's also perfect for travelers who want to save space during a trip.

The Travalo is a small capsule tube that can easily fit in the palm of your hand. It has a clear slot in the middle so you can see how much liquid is inside. The spray nozzle and cap seem pretty secure and tight, which means that there are less chances of leakage and evaporation compared to the average drugstore atomizer.

Now the thing that really sets it apart is the way you can transfer perfume inside it. As long as the bottle has a removable cap that exposes the tube, you can just pump the product directly inside the Travalo. That means, no wastage of your precious scent!

It's pretty simple to do. Open up the cap of the perfume nozzle, place the Travalo on top and just press it down until you're satisfied with the amount of product in the capsule. Done!

After I'm finished, I didn't observe any drips at the bottom of the Travalo. ^_^ It took me about five or six pumps to fill up about half of the capsule. According to the brand, you can spray a full Travalo 50 times. That would be about 12 pumps from the original perfume. 

Okay, the downside: this nifty object is pretty expensive considerng it's just an empty tube. The one I have is the Classic design which costs P680 according to The Mall. Gasp! Also, one tube is limited to one perfume only. I suppose you can try to rinse it out by pumping in plain water and spraying it, but that doesn't guarantee that the perfume residue will go with it (EDTs and EDPs have oil). So, you have to stick with one scent per Travalo if you want to keep the integrity of the fresh batch.

All things considered, I do love the Travalo because it's so convenient. I think it's worth the price tag if you love retouching your scent while you're out and dislike bringing big bulky bags. Otherwise, just bring a 30ml bottle or a secure atomizer. :)

What do you think of the Travalo? Worth it or not for you?