Liz Asks: Should bloggers post their swag on social media?

One blog reader whom I follow on Twitter said that she's had it with bloggers boasting about all the free stuff they/we get. Sometimes Instagram can be flooded with practically the same photos when a brand seeds to its press/blogger list at the same time. It can come off as boasting and even (oh no) fake to the readers. It may make bloggers look swag-crazy and unobjective since we "love" everything that lands in our grubby hands.

Now, I post photos of the free stuff I receive if I'm excited about trying them, and if they're something that could be relevant to other people. I try to put in a quick review of the item if I have any impressions to share. While I do enjoy IG-ing swag, I try to keep it at a minimum precisely because I'm conscious of being misunderstood.

So why do bloggers do it? Like I said above, if it's a product that we're excited about then it immediately goes up on IG - if it's that good then all of us would be talking about it. It's also a quick way to thank brands for remembering us and for letting our followers know what's new out there ASAP. :) Of course, as with everything else, tact must be key. 

What do you think? Do you like seeing blogger swag or would you rather not? Why?