Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection

I've had these products for two months so fair warning: this is a pretty massive post! I'll get right down to it. :D

The Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection came out locally a few weeks ago. Inspired by Hansel and Gretel, the huge collection features products that look and smell incredibly sweet! Think ice cream, jelly beans, cake icing, chocolate, and cotton candy-inspired makeup. All this sugar, if it were real, would kill me. Thank goodness they only make me look good. Haha.

I'll start with the Dear My Jelly Lips-talk in JPK002. This is a sheer, reddish pink lipstick that smells just like fruity jelly beans. I love that it's very slinky and moisturizing like a lip balm. The color itself is wearable and "young", something I would swipe on during a casual weekend.

It can get patchy if you don't layer it properly or if you have flaky lips. So, make sure to exfoliate and build in a nice layer before heading out.

The Baby Choux Base is a curious product, but I think I finally understand it! This is a fluffy, silicon-based primer that moisturizes and makes skin feel instanty soft at the same time. You know how babies have velvety, petal-like skin? The Baby Choux Base seeks to duplicate that and guess what - it succeeds because it's dosed with silicon and dimethicone.

This has SPF25 PA++ which means that it's sunscreen and matte makeup base in one. It smells and feels like cake icing and I swear, if you didn't know it's makeup you would eat it! 

There are three color correcting shades available for the Baby Choux, a green one for too-red skin, yellow for dull skin, and peach for bluish/sallow tones. The shade I have, #02 Berry Choux is too white and peachy on me so I haven't worn it out. I imagine it would be nice to mix with a dark foundation though, to create a tinted moisturizer/base. I'll try that some time and let you know how it goes!

Next up, the nails. Oh my gosh. I love the ice cream packaging and (but one) of the colors! I always get compliments whenever I wear these polishes. :) The glitter selection per color is ace. They compliment the shade and comes out beautifully when layered. I better just show you!

Everything looks good on my skintone except for the yellow. It like a sick greenish goo against my fingers! I think lighter skintones would benefit from the color, still, it's the streakiest out of the four. I wouldn't recommend it.

My favorite would be this robin egg shade. It makes me feel like I have dinosaur eggs on my fingers. <3

This is my second favorite. I haven't seen anything quite like it yet, and I love the color combination of the bright glitters. ^_^

The pink is cute and princessy, with pastel glitters.

And this is just not working for me.

So that's what I think about the Sweet Recipe things I have. :) There are actually a LOT more products in the collection, like cotton candy cotton you can use for wiping off makeup. What caught my eye are the Chocolate Eyeshadow and Highlighter palette, as well as these Cupcake Eyes duos. So adorable!

Fresh Mango Tango

Sugar Maple Syrup Choco

Sweet Berry Lemon Mousse

Blueberry and Strawberry

Chocochip Sweet Mint


I'll add prices later. ;) What do you think of Sweet Recipe? Anything you're interested in?

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