What my skin looks like after three weeks of the Origins Original Skin line

Have you had your quarter life crisis? I didn't use to believe in it, but an acquaintance of mine wisely explained it before - almost prophetically. He said that a crisis happens in our lives every seven years. When we're seven, we start to comprehend the world and process experiences in a manner more independent of our parents. When we're 14, we're rocked by the massive changes puberty brings to our bodies and our lives. When we're 21, we're thrust into the complexities of the adult world. When we're 28, we start to get burned out and wonder: is this all? 

I am 28 this year, and a few months before my birthday I was at the cusp of making a decision that will put me on the path I am on currently. Was it time to take a full time job and give up blogging? Should I open a digital PR agency? Or should I scale up my one true passion, Project Vanity, and open a beauty start up company? I did a lot of traveling last year, thinking about what to do. It's cliche I know! Cue the montage, dammit! But I was in Tokyo when I realized that what I wanted, more than anything else in the world, is to do what means most to me. I don't have wild dreams of being filthy rich or famous, but I want to be able to push the idea to more women that they can be beautiful by their own definition, in their own terms.

And so here we are. Life's a lot harder than before and I am under so much stress I can't even begin to describe it, but I can't imagine myself doing anything else.

I mention stress because honestly, it's been showing on my skin. My skin is just on this tightrope where a small misstep can cause me at the least this annoying dullness, and at worst a full break out that leaves scars. Sigh. Some weeks I have really good skin. Some days it's like I can't seem to do anything right!

Now recently I've been trying out the Origins Original Skin line. The kind folks from the brand sent over their best-selling Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay, the Renewal Serum with Willow Herb, and the newest addition, the Essence Lotion with Dual Ferment Complex. I've been using these for three weeks now and they're so good! Now y'all know that I love Origins. I am hiyang with everything of theirs that I've used so far, and the Original Skin line continues the winning streak.

After cleansing, I would use the Retexturizing Mask one to two times a week. It's a clay mask that promises to brighten with Mediterranean rose clay and exoliate with jojoba beads. It's a pretty pink color that feels powdery when dry. There is a tight feeling after washing it off (I need to be patient with this as it can be stubborn to remove) but it doesn't bother me. My skin looks matte and tight immediately! 

If I'm not masking for the day, I use the Essence Lotion right after my facial wash. This smells fantastic! It has an effervescent citrus floral scent that makes me feel kilig whenever I smell it. If you're not into scented skincare this won't be your thing, but I personally prefer a good scent. It helps me with the mood - a small lift, granted, but it helps me feel less stressed.

This essence has a gel-like texture. I pat it on my face and it dries fairly quickly while leaving my skin moisturized. I feel it contributes to brighter looking yet matte skin. 

Finally, I finish the routine with the Renewal Serum. This smells like the Essence lotion but has less of the citrus notes. Still smells great though! It's a lightweight serum that sinks into my skin immediately and goes well under makeup. I feel it brightens and smoothens my skin, again while providing a matte finish.

A few more observations: the Original Skin line goes well under makeup; the serum even feels a bit primer-y though it can be definitely used at night. These are recommended for all skin types, but I have noticed I don't get as oily in the last three weeks I've been using them. I suppose this is because of their light, easily absorbed textures, and of course the regular use of a clay mask removes excess oil and clears pore blockage.

What my skin looks like after three weeks of the Origins Original Skin line. It looks matte but not dull! I love the clarity I was able to achieve with it.

What my skin looks like after three weeks of the Origins Original Skin line. It looks matte but not dull! I love the clarity I was able to achieve with it.

Overall, I recommend the Origins Original Skin to anybody who loves great-smelling skincare that goes well under makeup and doesn't feel oily at all. It provides just the right amount of moisture for normal to combination skin! At night I would maybe add a facial oil or night cream after just to get more of a boost but during the day, the essence and serum (plus sunscreen) are more than enough.

Let me know what you think! ^_^