A scentspiration: The Mary Kay Cityscape Eau de Parfum

As much as I love makeup, the scents I wear also play in part in setting my mood for the day. I have perfumes for when I want to feel cheery and refreshed, casual but chic, or bold and sexy. But is there a scent that can help me feel like I can take on the world? Cityscape Eau de Parfum, Mary Kay’s latest fragrance, was designed to inspire its wearer to follow her dreams wherever they may take her.

When I first encountered Cityscape, the streamlined aesthetic of the bottle immediately appealed to me. It has a minimalist, straightforward design that felt reminiscent of the tall buildings that usually populate a city. It also gave me the impression that the perfume will be clean and refreshing, which are two qualities I usually look for in my scents.

The perfume is described as “simple sophistication”, and while I do agree with Cityscape giving off a quiet, sophisticated air, I wouldn’t quite describe the scent as “simple”.

Cityscape opens up on a zesty note, enough to perk you up and prep you for the day but with a complexity that keeps it from being too citrusy. It almost immediately dries down to a flowery scent, one that I can wear practically everywhere. In fact, I’ve been wearing this daily whether for simple errands, work, or events, and it has never felt out of place. What is left after hours of wear is a stable woody scent. At first I thought it just smelled powdery but as I grew accustomed to the perfume’s nuances, I began to notice the scent finishing with a warm, almost comforting note.

I have to say that Cityscape is a sleeper hit for me. I didn’t expect to reach for it day after day but the scent really grows on you. It’s a great daily perfume, though I would probably reach for a stronger “power” perfume when I have a big presentation or very important meeting.

On me, Cityscape lasts a good six to eight hours, though I’ve taken to spraying it once or twice during the day for that wake-me-up top note. While the glass bottle is sturdy enough to travel, the 50ml bottle still takes up space in my purse so I bring the sample-sized spritzer included in the Project Vanity Wanderlust Kit instead.

Have you ever had a scent that felt seemed to work for any occasion? What’s your favorite everyday perfume?

Top notes: Bergamot, pink pepper, red currant, apricot, violet leaves

Middle notes: Phantomia orchid ScentTrek, orange flower absolute, peony, Florentine orris

Bottom notes: Sandalwood, damson plum, sustainable vanilla beans from Madagascar ORPUR®, angelica, amber

Cityscape™ Eau de Parfum is available for P2,100 from independent Mary Kay beauty consultants. Find one near you here.