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Brush Week: Mary Kay Cheek Brush

It's been years since I tried anything from Mary Kay! A couple of weeks back, I received a brush, loose powder, and mirror compact from the brand. I fell in like with all of them, especially since they are beautifully packaged, effective, and inexpensive. Today I'll quickly talk about the Mary Kay Cheek Brush, a beautiful brush that can be used for both blushes and powders.

This brush is made of soft animal hair. It's dense enough to blend loose powder effectively, but not so dense that it becomes too stiff to apply blush properly. This is generally good at packing color and blending it. I always love having brushes that can be used two or more ways! Saves me time from trying to pick out my next tool.

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Mary Kay Foundation Primer

Here's Sara again of the blog I Play The Villain. This time, she's writing about the Mary Kay Foundation Primer.

Fact: I'm not big on primers. It's not that I don't like them, I just don't use them enough for me to consider them an important part of my routine. I only wear primer when I go to events or when I have meetings that would require me to be out of the office for a good chunk of my 8-hour shift. Other than that, I find that I have little use for primers as I do not oil up as much and I like my foundations to be long-wearing to begin with. 

Still, my last primer - a sampler of the Korres Quercetin & Oak Age-reversing Primer - ran out and I've been searching for a possible replacement. So when I got hold of the Mary Kay Foundation Primer (P1,300), I decided to give it a spin!

I only apply a pea-sized amount of product on my face using my fingers, dotting it all over before blending it out. Not a whole lot, mind you, just on the T-zone where I tend to oil up a bit (there are areas where my skin isn't a complete desert) or where I need the foundation to last longer or where I have rough patches.

 The primer's consistency is gel-like as opposed to my Korres which is reminiscent to that of a moisturizer.

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Mary Kay Bella Belara EDP review (get a chance to win it, too!)

These days, I never leave the house without wearing perfume. It's the final finishing touch to my look, that factor that holds the whole thing together and establishes the mood I want to hold for the day. Yes, a scent is that important!

One perfume I recently got the chance to try is the Mary Kay Bella Belara (P2,300) EDP. It's a sweet floral scent that's not too young or cloying, if you get my drift. The top notes have fruity elements like nectarine and apricot, while the mid-notes sing of rose and jasmine. The dry-down is a subtle wood and moss combo, the perfect finish that sets everything to ground.

My verdict? It's nice! The Mary Kay Bella Belara is something I'd wear with floral-printed dresses and lacy tops since its subtle sweetness complements that particular look. I recommend this happy scent to women who are quiet, elegant, and always smiling.

And now, for the contest! If you want to get your own bottle of Bella Belara, simply accomplish the steps below to join the raffle. It's super easy to join! :D

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