Seven expired products I can't bear to throw away

Is it just me or do you also keep products way past their expiration dates? I'm pretty careful about using creams and liquids for only up to a year (or two, depends) and powders up to three years, but there are a few things that for some reason or other I can't bear to part with. No way I'm going to put them on my face again but I just like looking at them every now and then! I mean, I didn't even use some of these heavily in their heyday, but I just. Can't. Seem. To. Let. Go.

Here are the seven that I occasionally hiss "my precious" to whenever I spot them in my semi-forgotten drawer! These products are ~almost four years old at least, while the oldest has to be over five years old. What's the oldest product in your collection?

Estee Lauder Eyeshadow Palette. This was part of their annual holiday promo wherein you have to buy x amount of regular items to get a set of limited edition products for way, way less. I remember this also came with a blush palette, lipsticks, and brushes in a gold case. So chic. I've given away everything else except this. The eyeshadows were before EL got good at eye makeup so they're chalky and not pigmented, but you know what, I just love how they look in their neat little slots! It reminds me of my Lola's makeup. 

Sigma Flare Eyeshadow Palette. I actually pre-ordered this pa from the US and thought it was ok! In retrospect, it's not that pigmented even with primer. I guess I just realized how good eyeshadow could be later on na, when I got to try more products. It's barely used but I just love the combination of greens and violets. I see what it's trying to do but yeah, this was before Sigma got good at eyeshadows too.

Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Palette. This was one of the first few palettes that made me realize what high quality eyeshadows should be. Also Bobbi Brown was all about naked eyeshadow before Urban Decay got on that train! That's what she built her whole empire on, really. And oh I still LOVE that tortoise shell-inspired case, after all these years.

Benefit She's So Jetset Box. This I keep for the vintage-looking illustration. The aesthetic of Benefit has shifted slightly through the years but this particular look is what got me into in the brand in the first place. Anyway I gouged out the trio eyeshadow and removed the mini mascara so it's not complete anymore; it's the box itself that I have feels for so I'm ok with that.

Etude House Etoinette Heart Blusher. If the super cute cauldron-shaped pot didn't get you, it's the pink, heart shaped powders inside that will. I think I still have the matching lipstick but I just can't find it right now!

Guerlain Meteorites. This I used regularly until my pot was three years old, but there's just SO much product inside that it was impossible to finish up the whole jar. The look is vintage 1920s with a serving of luxe on the side. Next time I get one of these I'll make sure to share the pearls so as not to waste them. 

Paul & Joe Cream Foundation. I miss Paul & Joe. I found their look unique but at the same time, the products were ridiculously good. I wasn't able to take a picture of the compact open but I will mention that it's almost finished up! I have other old Paul & Joe things here but this is my fave compact. Wonder if P&J will ever stage a comeback here ala Origins!

There you go, my collection of the expired. How about you - do you keep your old things too? Why or why not?