Why Enchanteur Paris is your next summer scent

There’s just something enigmatic and alluring about French concept of beauty – it’s chic yet effortless, and elegant but never over the top. I’ve read books like “How to Be Parisian wherever you are”, have the City of Lights on my travel bucket list, and probably watched one too many YouTube videos on the ubiquitous French wardrobe. One thing I always notice is their uncanny sense for the perfect finishing touch, such as wearing a scent that lingers and captures their story.

Enter Enchanteur Paris, the latest treat for us fragrance lovers! This new perfume line makes it possible to smell amazing all day long, without a steep four-digit price tag.

There are four fragrance lines to choose from, which were skillfully blended to evoke particular moods:

  • Magique (apple, magnolia, praline) – carefree, confident, and adventurous
  • Belle Amour (apple, melon, blackcurrant, pink rose) – romantic and sweet
  • Mon Amie (fresh citrus, red apple, pink peonies) – fun, cheerful, and charming
  • Adore (wild jasmine, pink mimosa, golden pear) – elegant and graceful

Each fragrance line comes with a suite of similarly scented products, making it easy to layer them on and create a long-lasting perfume that clings to the skin.

Start by prepping your skin with Enchanteur Paris Parfum Lotion and Parfum Serum (P210 and P275). The added moisture not only makes your skin feel soft and supple, it also gives the fragrance a good base to stay on. Next, stay fresh and keep body odor at bay by spraying on the Enchanteur Paris Deospray (P129). Hands are usually prone to dryness because they’re constantly moving and washed to stay clean, so make sure to care for them with the Enchanteur Paris Hand Cream (P100). Finally, spritz the Enchanteur Paris Eau de Toilette (P400) on your pulse points and on your hair brush before running through your strands.

The Parfum Lotions also have additional benefits that you can choose (and benefit) from according to what your skin needs:

  • Mon Amie (blue) – Double Moisture with Ultra Hyaluronic Hydration & Olive Oil
  • Belle Amour – Triple Whitening with Vitamin B3, Sakura & Liquorice
  • Mon Amie (yellow) – Light & Fresh with Aloe Vera, Portulaca & Sunscreen Active
  • Adore – Antibacterial Care with GermClear Formulation & Swiss Edelweiss

My personal favorite is the Mon Amie line for its fresh scent notes, and will be a great pick-me-up for summer. The hand cream is my new purse staple as it helps keep my hands moisturized without feeling sticky, plus I get that lingering scent, too. I love how the packaging uses bright colors, and the exquisite EDT bottle design looks stunning in my shelfies!

Enchanteur Paris is exclusively available from Watsons and at the SM Store Beauty Section. You can also check them out online here.

What’s your summer scent story? Which Enchanteur Paris line are you looking forward to try?