DKNY My NY For Women

Here's an open secret: if you want to smell unbelievably good, use the same scent in three layers. First as a shower gel (you might even want to put some on your hair), then as a body lotion, and then finally as a perfume. It's a lot of effort and you might even underestimate how considerably better you'll smell (for longer too) when you do this, but it's worth the work!

Now I don't layer my scents regularly, but when I want to feel like a special unicorn, I take the time. It's something I do when there's an event or meeting where I need to feel my best. Doing the three-layer thing technique leaves a trail of subtle scent that should give people a better impression of me, you see. ^_^ Sounds shallow yes but scent is powerful - people might not remember what you wore, but they will remember how you smell like.

Currently I've been loving the DKNY My NY For Women, an energetic, spicy scent that is Donna Karan's love for New York bottled up. Its top notes feature a blend of raspberry, pink pepper and galbanum, coming down to a heart of Egyptian jasmine, freesia and orris. The base is a warm patchouli Heart LMR, vanilla absolute, musk and ambergris.

This scent is surprisingly spicy upon first spritz, but not unpleasantly so. It quickly simmers down to a cozy, grown-up floral that can be worn from day to night.

The latest flacon is heart-shaped, celebrating the New York skyline in the upper part. It's a rather interesting shape but it fits the hand without any awkwardness.

As for the Shower Gel and Body lotion - wow! They smell quite intense, sticking to the skin for more than 2/3rds of the day. Topped with the EDT, the scent practically lasts all day. You must try these out if this is the effect you're going for!

Give the DKNY My NY a sniff next time you pass by a fragrance store! It retails for PHP 3,650 / PHP 4,650 for the 50ml and 100ml bottles respectively. I'm not sure about the prices of the shower gel and body lotion but they should be available locally as well.