Five fragrances to keep you smelling fab all summer long

Unless you stay in an air-conditioned room 24/7, you’ve probably had to deal with the intense summer heat. I often feel like every single thing I do results in me breaking into a sweat, and it makes me feel extra conscious about being around other people.

Apart from making sure I apply a reliable deodorant, I turn to scents to keep me smelling good and also to lift my mood when the heat threatens to make me grumpy. While I’ve put together quite a perfume collection, I select my summer fragrances very carefully to focus on fresher and lighter ones that are less likely to change when I start sweating buckets. Here are five of the go-to summer scents fragrances I’m relying on this summer:

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Nectarine Blossom Eau de Toilette (P2,250 for 100mL at Rustan’s)

If you loved the original Green Tea, you’ll enjoy its latest flanker. Nectarine Blossom is a floral fruity fragrance as fresh and light as the 1999 crowd favorite. It opens with green tea before settling into a sweet nectarine and peach breeze. This has some similarities to Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom, at a much friendlier price tag.

  • Top notes: peach, bergamot, exotic fruits, green tea
  • Middle notes: green tea, nectarine, nectarine blossom
  • Base notes: musk

Estée Lauder Pleasures Aqua Eau de Parfum

Aqua was released last year as the latest flanker to Estée Lauder’s Pleasures line. This floral aquatic fragrance features lilac, jasmine, and peony - the signature Pleasures notes but with some added touches of watery and green notes to transport us to the beach, no car trips or plane tickets required. If you find that the original Estée Lauder Pleasures is too much of a heavy floral, then you may enjoy this watery, fresher take on it.

  • Top notes: honeysuckle, freesia, green leaves, watery notes
  • Middle notes: jasmine, peony, lilac
  • Base notes: musk, woodsy notes, ambroxan 

Clean Air Eau de Parfum (P3,960 for 60mL at Rustan’s)

If you just want to smell like fresh air, then look no further. Clean Air, a woody aromatic unisex scent, is the scent for you. The mountain air note is what makes it unusual. Combined with aldehydes, powdery notes, and green notes, it is a concoction that leaves you smelling fresh, clean, and light, with a sheer floral bouquet. This can be worn alone or can be layered with other scents, too.

  • Top notes: bergamot blossom, mountain air
  • Middle notes: green accord, freesia, peony
  • Base notes: musk, cashmere wood, white amber, powdery notes, aldehydes 

Jo Malone Lime Basil and Mandarin Cologne (P3,940 for 30mL or P6,980 for 100mL at Jo Malone)

Like other Jo Malone colognes, this scent is both for men and women. Lime Basil & Mandarin is one of the stronger-smelling ones on our list but still smells very fresh because of the blend of green and citrus. As the name suggests, the lime, basil, and mandarin orange notes are very prominent in this scent, giving it a zesty, energetic vibe.

  • Top notes: lime, mandarin orange, bergamot
  • Middle notes: basil, lilac, iris, thyme
  • Base notes: patchouli, vetiver

Michael Kors Glam Jasmine Eau de Parfum (P4,150 for 50mL or P5,350 for 100mL at Rustan’s)

If you are a fan of jasmine, then you must try this one. This white floral fragrance only has a few notes consisting of jasmine, cassis, and sandalwood. The cassis gives it a citrus-y kick before getting to the jasmine heart, while the sandalwood gives it a creamy dry down. If you want to smell fresh but still feel glamorous and feminine, then is one to keep in your purse.

Have you been wearing a summer fragrance? What are your current faves?