Three sexy and elegant scents for the sensual woman

Perfumes are like shoes. Some of them are flats, comfortable and versatile, while others are sneakers, sporty and energetic. Some are like heels that you only wear to special affairs because they're too grand to wear on a daily basis. I can see why others prefer only one signature scent that perfectly describes their personality, but me I prefer to have options depending on where I'm headed. It makes dressing up more fun and challenging!

Today, let's learn a little more about three beautiful perfumes that are sexy and elegant. They're like your dependable pointy black pumps that make you look leaner, your legs longer, and your posture, straighter. They're feminine and demure - but only on the surface. Inside they are deep and sensual, passionate when set on fire. If this is you, I think you'd love these!

Let's start with the Estee Lauder Modern Muse Eau De Parfum (P2,600/30ml | P3,800/50ml). This is inspired by the strong, beautiful, and intelligent women confidently running the world today. They have magnetic personalities and are heroes of their own stories! Modern Muse is a sophisticated scent, but it's also a crowd pleaser in that it's quite versatile. I can see myself wearing this to both meetings and evening events.

The perfume opens with a sparkling jasmine accord, joined by mandarin, honeysuckle nectar, and fresh lily. The base notes are woody and musky - think patchouli, amber wood, and Madagascar vanilla. It'll make you feel feminine and powerful!

The Banana Republic Wildbloom Rouge (2,500/50ml and P3,200/100ml) is intense at first spray, with bergamot and clementine leaving a cloud of sparkling green. The heart features a warm accord of magnolia and jasmine. Later on, Rouge becomes more sultry with amber and sandalwood. 

I didn't immediately love this fragrance the first few times I wore it, but later on I realized how beautiful it blooms after an hour. It takes its sweet time but it hits the spot once it gets there!

And here is the Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle Eau de Parfum (P2,950/30ml | P3,950/50ml |  P5,450/100ml). This is a more scent compared to the earlier two, designed to match a woman's mood as the day wears on. It opens with an energetic, spicy-fruity mix of pink pepper and blackcurrant, then develops a floral side with Turkish rose, sweet pea, and Gladiolus Inflexus. After a few hours, it reveals a base of amber and nougatine.

It's a complex scent - ideal for complex personalities. I still prefer the original lighter Eau De Lacoste for everyday, but Sensuelle is definitely more unforgettable!

So there you have it. Which scent are you loving the most here?