What's inside my makeup retouch bag

I'm working on a huge, exciting launch today! I'm writing this right before I get dressed haha. Please do follow me on Instagram @lizlanuzo to see what's going to happen later this afternoon. ;)

Anyway, since I'll be out all day in an event that will be heavily photographed, I thought I'd show you what's inside my retouch kit. I don't bring ALL the stuff I use for my face, just the few key ones that I either need to intensify later (for photo-ops) or retouch when they fade! Bringing everything is a mistake I've made before. In fact, most of the makeup just ended up being dead weight in my bag. I like to travel light, so if I don't need it, I ain't gonna bring it.

The bag I'm using is this leather Makeup Pouch from Katre (P850). It's lightweight and elegant, just the way I like my pouches. ^_^ At first I wasn't sure if I'm into the oxblood color but I figured it's a classic. Plus, it's not too kikay to house my other things on other days (watercolor paint, fountain pens, and pencils, cough)! The size is perfect too - roomy but it doesn't occupy too much space in a hand bag.

See? How pretty is that. I'd love to see the other colors in person one day. Here's what's inside!

I retouch with powder foundation, normally, but during events I need something that looks more photogenic and has zero SPF. That's where the Laura Mercier Loose Powder comes in! I like to use a fluffy brush like the Zoeva Luxe Face Definer with it. This brush can also help me apply my blush (MAC Pro Longwear Blush in Stay Pretty) and contour powder (Happy Skin Sculptacular) later in the day.

Pro tip: if you're going out early to do some prep for your event, don't apply your blush and contour powder when you leave the house. You can add those right before the event starts so that your makeup looks fresh! Retouched makeup simply does not look at fresh as when it's first dabbed on.

That doesn't apply to foundation, however. Your face base actually looks a lot better after a couple of hours once it melts on your skin! It looks more natural and less like you slathered a living mask on.

I also packed a hydrating sheer lip balm (Benefit Lolli Balm) and the lipstick I'm going to wear today (Pixi Semi-Matte in Haruka Pink). I'd usually just wear a sheer lip balm when I step out of the house, then add the lipstick later. Why? So my lips don't dry and flake out prematurely! Sheer lip balms are also a lot more comfortable. You won't need to worry about anything.

Miscellaneous: super important to have a travel version of the scent you're wearing and a concealer on the off chance it gets wiped out. I have a DKNY Be Delicious vial here as well as the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer.

And that is that. ^_^ What do you bring in your retouch bag? Do you tend to pack all your makeup when you leave the house?