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What's in my bag, January 2014

I was hell-bent on buying an expensive designer bag last month, but thought the better of it. One bag could get me a new Macbook, or that money can go a long way to fund my travel plans. I decided to just add that cash my savings and get a bag that's practical, yet still beautiful.

This blue Rabeanco tote is perfect. It's made of soft, light cow hide leather (smells soooo good), roomy enough to fit anything I'd throw into it, and makes my profile look slimmer. Lol. It's the perfect work bag for my 2014!

I like to call this "Smurf Blue". Haha. I don't know why, I just have this crazy addiction to cobalt and navy blue at the moment! Maybe it's because blue makes my skin look better and brighter than any other color, for some reason. Anyway here's what's currently inside my bag.

Alcohol spray and Watsons tissues. Is it possible to love tissue paper? I love these "mini-hankies" from Watsons. They're super thick and absorbent, unlike other pull-up tissues I've tried before. 

Smart iPhone 5. You're looking at one of my body parts. It's constantly attached to my hands.

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What's In The Bag: Nelly See, CEO of Pinkbox

Nelly See, the owner of Pinkbox, is one of the most kikay women I know. She's a mother of five and extremely busy with running her own successful business, but that doesn't stop her from always looking her best. She's up to date with the latest makeup releases, and since she's so well-traveled, her makeup kit is stocked with finds from abroad!

We had an hour to kill before a party (Joey Samson's 10th anniversary!), so I decided to snap pics of what's inside her clutch for that evening.

BCBG Max Azria clutch, a find from Thailand. This is a classy piece that can be toted from day to night!

Ms Nelly's beauty routine is about focusing on great skin and minimal makeup. She also takes time to style her hair, as it's definitely one of her best assets! Yes, she blowdries her own hair! For special occasions though, she prefers to have her favorite hair dresser to come over and do her locks. 

Her skincare comprises mostly of Japanese brands like Kanebo and Shu Uemura. Her makeup also leans towards Asian brands, but she does love Benefit! Okay I'll stop rambling now. Here's what's inside Ms Nelly's clutch!

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What's in my bag - October 2012

So you already know what my favorite bag is right now. Here's what's inside! Surprise, there's A LOT of stuff in it. I'm big on travelling light but if there's extra space I tend to throw in more things just because. Oooh I forgot to take a picture but I also sometimes stuff a pair of thin heels inside if I need to!


 1. Book of the moment: The Bride Wore Pearls by Liz Carlyle. It's a romance novel, haven't gotten too far yet to tell if it's any good. I like bringing books if I know I'm in for a loooot of waiting in meetings and what not.

2. House keys. See that Happy Lemon key chain? Proof that I'm addicted to that stuff. You get a key chain for free if you complete 16 stamps on the loyalty card. I stopped getting stamps because I felt embarrassed by all the Happy Lemon I'm gulping down.

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The sisterhood of traveling makeup

I just realized - I took oodles of photos of my makeup and skincare during my out-of-town trip the other week, but I only have two or three shots of myself to show for it. They weren't even good! I guess I just don't like taking photos when I'm busy doing something on a vacation. Next time though, perhaps I should take more just for posterity. :P

Anyway, I want to show you what I brought with me on the trip. I rather overpacked buuut at least I knew I was prepared for whatever! Hope you like this little show and tell. I brought products that I feel suited the demands of summer - bright colors on the lips, light shades for eyes, and warm cheek colors. For the face base, I just brought a long-wearing concealer + a light, illuminating powder foundation. It's too hot for cream or liquid types. 

I housed my cosmetics in this neat Rustan's pouch that Pond's gave it to me a few months ago. I like that it's big but slim, roomy enough to fit in lots of stuff while keeping them from bouncing around.

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What's in my bag 2011

A lot of people have been doing this lately, and so I decided to join the bandwagon. Lol. It's fun! I've actually done it already last year. However, a lot of things has changed since then, so my bag also "evolved" along with them.

What's in my bag depends on what kind of bag I'm using (which in turn depends on my outfit), what I need to do that day, and where I'm going. Yesterday, I was in the office for a presentation, so I didn't wear much makeup. I decided to bring a makeup kit so I can do a full face for a media event I'll be attending later in the evening.

Forever 21 shades, Majolica Majorca makeup kit, alcohol, mint gum, keys, Tony Moly pressed powder, Estee Lauder Sensuous, wallet, iPad (forgot to add the Blackberry in the photo)

As with last year, I still don't bring a makeup kit on a regular basis, but I sometimes do when the need arises.

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