What's in my bag?

A couple of readers have asked me about the stuff I keep in my bag and makeup kit. I was at first hesitant to answer because - and this may come as a surprise - I don't bring a makeup kit! The things I bring outside are usually just the basics. I don't like being bothered to re-apply makeup (unless it's lipstick) so I make sure that I only wear reliable and long-lasting ones before I leave.

On a normal day, this is what I have in my bag!

A light, compact umbrella. I don't leave home without this! I don't like getting caught in a sudden downpour and then scurrying like an insect for cover. Everyone should bring an umbrella all the time.

Keys. Very mundane. The key chain is from Havaianas, I got a lot of this stuff a few months back. I just gave them away.

Faux ostrich wallet from Bijoux. This wallet is huuuge! I think it qualifies as a clutch already. Aside from money, it carries receipts, IDs, ATM cards, gift certificates plus other random junk I feel I shouldn't lose. In other words, it's full of junk lol.

32 gig iPod Touch. A good chunk of my life is spent on the Internet, which is why this gadget is indispensable to me. I use this for surfing the net, checking my five mail inboxes, Twittering, media stuff, games, chatting, setting up schedules and notes etc. WiFi isn't usually a problem because there's a lot of places to get it free from!

Samsung Corby. This is a cute basic phone. Not really remarkable, but it does the job and fits my kikay personality.

Biogesic. I hate headaches. I get them from the most unexpected sources. That's why I always bring a tablet or two of Paracetamol in case of emergencies. Oh I also always have a Dolfenal with me for dysmenorrhea.

And now for the actual makeup, haha. I only bring a few: the lip gloss and/or lipstick of the day (I change what I chuck in depending on my eye makeup), Myra lip balm (cheap stuff that works!), and Shiseido foundation (for the big mirror in the compact. I rarely use it though, since I prefer to blot with hand towels or tissues these days).


So boring and basic no? That's why I thought to assemble a makeup kit! These are the core things I'll bring if I would need apply makeup on the go. In other words, these are my absolute necessities.

A roomy makeup bag from Clinique which I haven't used yet lol

Left to right, click on the links to read my reviews:

Charm flat top brush. This is an all-purpose brush for applying foundation, blushes, and even liquid makeup. Love how it feels on my face too!

NARS concealer brush. Stiff and just the right size for my blemishes and eye bags.

Clinique Lash Power Volumizing Mascara. I get va-voom, falsie-like lashes with this without even needing a curler.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil. I use the MAC Fluidline most of the time, but if I were to apply eyeliner while traveling, nothing beats the convenience of a highly-pigmented and long-lasting pencil liner.

NARS Super Orgasm. Pigmented, long-lasting, beautiful - everything you've ever dreamed your blush to be.

MAC Studiofinish concealer in NC30. The best, most reliable concealer for me.

Urban Decay Ammo Shadow Box. Ten wearable, best-selling shades from my fave eyeshadow brand is something I can't live without. Small and compact too.

Urban Decay Primer Potion. It's a cult favorite for a reason!

Dr Jart Silver Label BB Cream. This is too light on me, but when I have dull skin and need instant brightening, this stuff really helps. It's an amazing makeup base too, since it's designed to help with oil control.

NYX Round Lipsticks. I would bring Electra (a prime red shade that flatters all skin tones) and Tea Rose (a pink MLBB color). These two colors are for night and day, respectively.

Myra cherry-flavored lip balm. I don't have a review for this. Can I just say I love it? My lips don't chap with this. I sometimes use my Nivea Angel Star lip balm when I can't find this. 

Shiseido Supplist Poreless foundation. Hands down my favorite foundation in the history of forever. 

Forgot to add this in the photo: NARS eyeshadow brush. An all-around brush for applying shadows on the lid, crease, and brow bones.

Whew what a long post. I originally just wanted to write three paragraphs but here we are! I am talkative today. Hope this answers your questions! 

PS OMG! I forgot to add this to the kit! I use this all the time. Can't live without this:

In2It eyebrow kit. You should have this if you know what's good for you haha.