NYX Round Lipstick Swatches

I'm sure you're tired of seeing the NYX Round Lipstick everywhere! It's that awesome. I mean, where can you find cheap-ass, good-quality lipsticks that have an insane range of colors? Each lipstick is extremely pigmented, creamy, and has a decent staying power. The price is too nice at P160 (the cheapest I know of here in the Philippines). I got my loot from Carefree Shopper

Rea, Pumpkin Pie, Power, Fig, Louisiana, Electra

Rea makes my lips look gray. I think this nude is too beige! Still, I enjoy using it. This will look awesome with heavy smoky eyes.


Pumpkin Pie is a nice peachy nude. I'm not a huge fan of the frost finish but I can live with it.


Power is a milky purple shade. You may call it lavender, I suppose. It's an interesting lipstick shade - I'll build a look around it one of these days.


Fig is a loud pink. Not screaming I'M PINK but it's pink enough to be attention-getting. Great with gray, taupe or brown eye makeup. It's the pink to try when you want to get out of your comfort zone but not too far, if you know what I mean!


Louisiana is the pink to wear when you want crazy pink Barbie lips! I enjoy wearing this. It's perfect for summer. Hot pink is sooo in these days.


Electra is a prime, opaque red. It'll work with all skin tones. Love it! I believe that every girl needs a red lipstick. Check out my post on how to wear red without looking like a skank.


As you might have noticed, I tried to get lip colors that aren't too common. I'm kind of tired of the usual pink and nudes that are designed to flatter. I wanted new lippies that are a statement by themselves! That's why NYX is so fun to try out - you get to play around with what you think will work for you without having to break the bank. 

Honestly, I think I was pretty successful in that regard. I'm glad I discovered Power. It's the first time I've tried lavender lipstick and I'm so excited to make it work for me.