Mega review: Dr. Jart BB Creams

Part of my job in the beauty industry is finding the latest news about products, events, and trends. One of the things that I have constantly heard about is BB creams. Frankly, I'm not a believer in the hype about these cream's power to give me perfect skin, but I am a fan of them as tinted moisturizers. They make for great makeup bases if you have the right skin type and coloring for them.

Anyway, when I read about BB creams, one name always pops up: Dr. Jart. Dr. Jart BB Creams promise you a lot of things - coverage, anti-aging, healing, and general skin improvement. I'm sure you'd like to know: are they worth their steep price tags? That's really the most important question, isn't it, when it comes to products like this.

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I've used each one of these creams for almost two weeks. I can now finally deliver my verdict!

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The Black Label is my favorite. It has light, buildable coverage and serves as a good makeup base. Out of all the Dr. Jart BB creams, this is the one that makes my skin feel the best! It makes my skin feel smoother and I noticed that my skin looks less dull - that must be the detox healing working. It has SPF 25.  SRP: 50mL - P1,940 / 15 mL - P845

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The Green Label is my least favorite. It's designed for dry skin ("most moist"), so it aggravates my oiliness. I reckon dry skin would love this one though! This is the version with the sheerest coverage. The texture is watery, quite unlike the heavy cream texture of its siblings. It has SPF 27. SRP: 50mL - P1,975

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The Silver Label is the second favorite BB cream because of its heavy, foundation-like coverage. In fact, it's so concentrated that I can use this as a concealer! Alas, the shade is way too light for me if I use more than a small drop. It functions fine as a concealer though. It's best for fair/light skintones. Has SPF 35 and touted whitening properties. SRP: P1,780 / 15mL - P740

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I love this for its SPF45. It's my closest shade match (I'm light-medium) out of all the variants so it evens out my skin wonderfully. Unlike other SPF face creams, this one feels very light, like it's not there at all. It's designed for mature skin since it's supposed to improve elasticity. It comes with a pump, unlike the other variants. It didn't have a foil covering though; instead it has a white plastic strip on the side to prove that it hasn't been opened. SRP: 40 mL - P3,160

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Shade availability

There are no other shades available than what you see here. You're lucky if you have fair to light-medium skin!

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From L-R: Black Label, Green, Silver, Gold

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Black=Biege undertone / Green=Yellow / Silver=Yellow / Gold=Neutral beige

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Spread out. Gold is my closest color match, although it may be a bit beige on me.

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General pros

  • Noticeable skin improvement after prolonged use
  • Convenient. After using toner, this is my default moisturizer, makeup base, and sunscreen all in one.
  • Intuitive - there is a variant depending on your needs. They seem to work for me!
  • Has a foil cover to ensure that the product is fresh. Love this detail! At least you know if what you got has never been opened before.

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  • Classy packaging, especially the Gold Label, which has a double-layer effect. They come in boxes.

General cons

  • I sadly broke out a few days after using these. This was the only routine I changed (I was using Shiseido Tinted Moisture before). However, after the pimples cleared up, I didn't break out again even with daily use. I suppose my skin got used to the new products and that's when I started to see results.
  • Really expensive. For the price you can buy a foundation or skincare from high-end brands like Shiseido or Clinique for instance. But don't worry - you can actually purchase 15mL versions for around P800. These will last you a long time since a pea-sized drop goes a long way.
  • Very limited shades. Morenas can't use this. You can try, but what good is a miniscule amount just to avoid the white cast? It defeats the point. Dr. Jart hails from Korea, so naturally their products were intended for Koreans with light skin.


I love the Black, Silver, and Gold variants! Yes, I do believe that they are worth the expensive price tag even with the cons I mentioned above. Why? Think of it in terms of cost-per-wear. One tube will last you for months on end. I suggest that you buy the sample size first, to see if it works for you - that is, if it addresses your needs. If it's something that does, then P2,000 for one tube is a good investment. I would personally not buy the Gold though, since it's out of my budget range!

If you have good skin, the Black, Silver and Gold variants can be your "healthy" foundation since their coverage is buildable. Don't forget the finishing powder though.


So, what do you think? Are Dr. Jart BB creams something you'll try? If you've tried it, tell me how it worked for you!