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Mega review: Dr. Jart BB Creams

Part of my job in the beauty industry is finding the latest news about products, events, and trends. One of the things that I have constantly heard about is BB creams. Frankly, I'm not a believer in the hype about these cream's power to give me perfect skin, but I am a fan of them as tinted moisturizers. They make for great makeup bases if you have the right skin type and coloring for them.

Anyway, when I read about BB creams, one name always pops up: Dr. Jart. Dr. Jart BB Creams promise you a lot of things - coverage, anti-aging, healing, and general skin improvement. I'm sure you'd like to know: are they worth their steep price tags? That's really the most important question, isn't it, when it comes to products like this.

IMG_9902 by project_vanity.

I've used each one of these creams for almost two weeks. I can now finally deliver my verdict!

IMG_9883 by project_vanity.

The Black Label is my favorite. It has light, buildable coverage and serves as a good makeup base. Out of all the Dr. Jart BB creams, this is the one that makes my skin feel the best! It makes my skin feel smoother and I noticed that my skin looks less dull - that must be the detox healing working. It has SPF 25.  SRP: 50mL - P1,940 / 15 mL - P845

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