Dr. Jart is available in Watsons and Marionnaud

I blogged about the launch of Dr. Jart last May, mentioning that the Korean brand will be available in Mercury Drug stores. Months after that, I received inquiries in this blog and in my email address regarding the exact branches of Mercury Drug it will be appearing. It never did.

Apparently there has been some complications about Dr. Jart's arrangement with the drugstore chain, so instead of selling there as originally planned, you can find Dr. Jart in Watsons and Marionnaud.

IMG_9902 by project_vanity.

How do I know this? It was a pretty interesting coincidence actually. I was shopping at Marionnaud in Mall of Asia yesterday when I saw a guy taking a picture of a stall behind Lola Cosmetics. Lo and behold, Dr Jart was there! Naturally my beauty blogger curiosity got the best of me and asked the sales lady why that's the case. I then got to talking with one of the Dr. Jart staff, who was there for the opening of the stall. The guy who was taking pictures was the president of the company, who I met last May.

Fun. Now I get back to work! Don't forget to check out Dr. Jart in Watsons and Marionnaud alright? My enduring faves are the Gold Label and Silver Label variants. ;) I still use them up to this day.