Estee Lauder Set

I'm a sucker for bargains. I can't walk past an irresistible pair of shoes or makeup if I see that I'm getting more for my money than if I buy something else - even if I don't really need it. That's why when I saw this gorgeous set from Estee Lauder in Rustan's Makati, I just couldn't peel my eyes away from it! For P3,200 this is such an awesome find!

This box is as big as a laptop box

Ooh gold, the color of the season!

Mirror, pouch, and what can pass off as a mini train case

Like all good things in life though, there's a catch. To avail of this promo, you need to buy P4,500 worth of Estee Lauder products first. Good thing that I was buying some stuff from the brand anyway, so I took the plunge and blew P3,200 on the whole thing. You'll understand when you see what's inside!

I know right! The amount I paid for all of this is well worth it. I love the fact that the lip gloss and eyeshadows are part of EL's latest collection, Pure Color. I've been using almost everything for the past few days (am selling some of the stuff in Girl Talk since I don't need everything) and I can say that I'm satisfied with my purchase - especially with the lipsticks! I now have five Pure Color lipsticks in my possession, yay. Will review those soon.

I'm not too happy about the eyeshadows though. I've written in my mini-review that I was impressed by the full-sized shadows, but this palette containing the same colors is just meh. The neutrals show up well, but the loud and dark colors like purple and blue are super disappointing, even with an eyeshadow base.

I love the blush palette and eyeliners since they're pigmented and last long. The Take It Away makeup remover is just okay for me. I'll probably just tote it around when I travel instead of using it for everyday.

So what do you think? Is this something you'll get for yourself? I suggest splitting with a friend if you really want it. ;) If there's something in particular that you want me to review in detail, just leave a comment!