Urban Decay Primer Potion

I didn't buy into the raves before I got my own tube of the famed Urban Decay Primer Potion. First, I'm lazy! I don't want to add an extra step in my makeup routine. Second, it's expensive at $18. It's not available in the Philippines which means that the price is jacked up to as high as P1,500 per tube.

IMG_9447 by project_vanity.

So, what changed my mind? What makes this product worth the extra work and the price?

  • Easy to apply and blend. It only takes 15 seconds for it to dry up.
  • It creates a clean base, neutralizing dark lids and even stray eyebrow hairs effectively.
  • You only need a bit of product per usage.

IMG_9452 by project_vanity.

  • My eyeshadows are more vibrant when used over this primer! It only takes one swipe of eyeshadow on top of it to get a good color pay-off. No need to foil (wet eyeshadow application) or layer the eyeshadow on.
  • It makes the lifespan of my eyeshadows last longer. Not to claim that my eyeshadows become 100% creaseless when I use it, but it does considerably lessen the creasing as well as the fading throughout the day.

IMG_9460 by project_vanity.

UDPP is a good investment if you use eyeshadows heavily and need them to last throughout the day (say you're at work daily). However, if you only wear eyeshadows once in a while such as on special occasions, this isn't worth it. Foiling or using your concealer as base is good enough if you need your eyeshadows to last for only a few hours.

Remember that a tube of this stuff is good for only six months after you open it. You can probably use it for a couple more months after the expiration date, but you will find that the product tends to harden over time. This is why you should just get the mini-UDPP if you can find one. It usually comes with Urban Decay's eyeshadow sets though (the Book of Shadows and Alice in Wonderland palettes had a mini-UDPP bundled with them).

Tips on using the product:

  • Dot on your lids then spread all over in patting motions. Don't rub! The lids are very sensitive and easily prone to wrinkles.
  • Wait for it to dry before applying the eyeshadow. This is so that you won't have difficulty in blending.