Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland

Urban Decay produces some of the best palettes around, and their new Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows is not an exception. It contains sixteen of their best-selling shades, two 24/7 Eye Pencils in Zero and Flipside, and one mini eyeshadow primer potion. If you've seen trailers of the upcoming Alice in Wonderland movie, you'll notice that the color scheme Urban Decay used for this BoS is damnably close.

So, without further ado, here are pictures of one of the first three Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palettes in the Philippines!

The Book of Shadows is as big and as heavy as a hardbound book

Pretty amazing pop-up eh? Urban Decay spares no expense when it comes to packaging

More pictures and details after the jump!

I won't review this palette here, since I've already reviewed my Book of Shadows Vol. 2. They're pretty much the same product.

I wanted to get this palette for myself when I first heard about it. The deal breaker for me though is the fact that all the colors here are old ones, just renamed creatively to fit the theme. If you put the Book of Shadows Vol.2 and Ammo palette together, you already have 12 colors appearing in the Alice palette. So, I just ordered the Ammo palette when my friends bought from Urban Decay two weeks ago. Here's the complete list of renamed shades.

This palette isn't mine so I didn't swatch it, but here are some from Pursebuzz, in the order the colors appear in the palette:

You can purchase this palette from Urban Decay and Sephora for $52, free shipping within the US. Do you want it but can't get it because you're from the Philippines? You have two options. You can buy from those ridiculously-priced pre-orders where they charge you P3,500 for one palette or you can buy directly from Urban Decay with a credit card (note, it should have a US address) and have it shipped to the Philippines via Johnny Air

The first option is expensive but hassle-free, if you don't mind the two-month wait. The second option is complicated but cheaper and faster. We got our Urban Decay orders in less than two weeks - it took Urban Decay 12 days to ship out our order (which is stupid) and only three days for Johnny Air to deliver it to us in the Philippines. Amazing right? 

Get this palette if you've never owned an Urban Decay palette before. Trust me, this product is just the best there is. Already decided? Buy it now, before it sells out yet again!