NARS 16-Piece Brush Set

One day, I was browsing through Girtalk’s Beauty Bazaar when I chanced upon a NARS brush set put up on sale by one of the forum members. It took me all of five minutes to decide that I NEED those brushes in my life. I messaged the seller with my fingers crossed, hoping against hope that no one has reserved it yet. She emailed me a day after saying that the brushes have already been reserved.

I was crestfallen, but decided to move on. However a day after the seller emailed me to say that the buyer backed out and that these brushes are mine if I want them. So yay! I bought them within the day. The brushes are secondhand, which explains the good price I got them for. They’re still in very good condition, being just six months old, so I have no complaints.

At first I was paranoid that the brush set was fake (no offense Chrissy!), but after a lot of research I’m pretty much convinced that these are original brushes. The brush hairs are the softest I’ve ever touched, and they’re dense enough to keep their shape even under pressure. The handles have a rubbery feel (trademark packaging of NARS products) and the logo is embossed on them. I haven’t gone to a NARS counter to check their authenticity personally but believe me, if they do turn out to be fakes they are still worth every cent I paid for them.


 The NARS Ita Artisan Brush. The Ita has got to be my favorite in the set. It was mindboggling at first, but it’s perfect for applying blushes, bronzers and highlighters!

 Top to bottom: Bronzing brush, Loose powder brush, Blush brush, Wide contour brush. The bronzing brush is pretty much like a kabuki brush. It’s super dense and the hairs are a bit stif, great for applying mineral/powder foundation. The other brushes felt like rabbit/squirrel hair - they’re just that soft.

T-B: Eye shader, Eye contour, Large domed eye, Smudge. The names I use are the exact name NARS uses.

T-B: Brow shader, Push eyeliner, Flat concealer, Point concealer

T-B: Lip brush, Liquid eyeliner, Retractable lip liner

I am very happy with this brush since it’s got everything I need while performing well at the same time. I just used them this morning and I loved every minute of it. Now my Christmas, nay, my year is complete! I love NARS.