Editor's Picks: A look inside my pretty blue bag

The last time I did a "what's in my bag" story was, wow, three years ago. The contents may have changed slightly in 2017 but I can't help but notice that I'm featuring another blue bag! This time, it's a pretty Saint Laurent Y-Ligne Cabas that I've had for a while now. It's light and roomy enough, but I can't really overload it with items since the strap is slim. I love it though as the powder blue color surprisingly works with many of my outfits.

Aside from my wallet and phone, here's what I usually bring with me out to work meetings and events!

Let's start with the practical stuff first. I always bring this Midori notebook and Pilot Cavalier fountain pen (both from Tokyo) so I can jot down notes while I'm at a meeting. Pretty stationery make me happy but more than that, I care about the quality of paper, writing instrument, and ink I use. I also have this cute fabric business card holder I got from Naraya in Bangkok, while of the powerbanks I use is the Imation Link. It can also store photos and videos directly from my phone plus it has a built-in cord of its own. Handy right?

Finally, I like to keep everything clean with the two Watsons products I can't live without: the Mini Wet Wipes and Mini Hankies! The wipes are only P19 a pack, with a buy two take one promo pa. They're my favorite because they don't feel drying on my hands AND the liquid isn't sticky once it has dried! The tissues on the other hand are just P39 for 10 packs with 10 sheets each. That's pretty sulit, and if you've ever tried these, you'll know how thick they are.

Pro tip: if you need an emergency makeup remover for your face, you can use these Watsons wipes! Yes, I've had to use these to wipe my makeup a few times I've forgotten to bring a makeup remover for my after tennis shower. I didn't break out, and it did a good job. Not bad at all!

You guys might already know that I don't really bring that much cosmetics when I'm out of the house. I mean, what's the point of using great products on your face if you expect them to fall apart in three hours? Retouching key areas is a must though! I bring the Pink Sugar x Project Vanity These Lips Don't Lie Matte Lip Crayon (this one's I Can't Even), the Happy Skin Tickled Pink Oil Blotting Sheets, and the Tony Moly Panda's Dream powder pact. I do care about how cute the products look so that retouch time is fun. ;P

That glass rollerball with the gold cap contains the Jo Malone Basil & Neroli Cologne. I bought about a dozen of these tubes a few months ago and have been filling them with my fave scents! It's a convenient way to bring perfumes in style, don't you think? Application is more discreet too versus spraying the scent all over.

And that is that. ^_^ I hope you enjoyed this peek! I'd love to know what you keep in your work bag too!