Hot from Avon: Manzzini Satchel and Tote

My bag of the moment is this black Avon Manzzini Bag. I first saw my friend Mara carrying it at an event in Marriott Hotel and I honestly thought it was a high-end bag! Just yesterday someone also asked me if it was designer. It does have an expensive, discreet look to it (minus the key wallet), which may explain the first impression it usually gets.

Dimensions: 12.5" L x 16" H

Best thing? It's only P1,750. It's expensive for an Avon bag, since the normal collections are just around P600-1,000. But if you like the design then why not right? These bags come with a key chain wallet (for the black), detachable organizer, and dust bag (for storage). 

The quality is nice, although I have to note that the zipper is sort of becoming wavy at the bottom part. It's not a straight line anymore, but the shape of the bag is still streamlined.

You can take out this organizer and put it in any bag - as long as it fits!


 And here's the other bag in the collection. It's called the Manzzini Luxe Satchel (also P1,750). According to the press info, it's made of high quality man-made leather. I don't know what that means exactly but I did notice that this bag is softer than the black one!

Dimensions: 10" L x 12.75" H. Medium-sized.

Pretty no? Perfect for just about anything - work, play, semi-formal, casual. It's smaller than the black tote so I would recommend it for petite girls for better proportion.

Chain for secure closure

Removable organizer

So there you go. ;) The Avon Manzzini Bags are now available through your Avon representatives. If you're interested in checking out the latest Avon products, you can actually visit their brochure here. You can also follow their Facebook page and Twitter (@AvonPH) for updates.