FOTD: Clean and quick

Sorry if my blog is a little boring this week. I'm working on two events over the weekend, so I barely have time to photograph and sit down to write amazing things as per usual (humor me lol). Seriously though, everything should be back to normal next week - ahhhh, September! I'll be able to spend more time to blog once things quiet down. This whole month has been intense!

Anyway, today, thought I'd share what I used for a quick and clean face I wore last week. I was just off to have afternoon tea with beauty bloggers, so I knew it was going to be very casual and fun. We chikas are very chill when it comes to makeup even though our blogs would show otherwise haha. I for one love a quick routine with the most flattering products I have at my disposal.

And this, my friends, is what I'm talking about. Everything you see here is part of my current core routine! I switch out products depending on where I'm going and what I need to test, of course, but this is pretty much what I grab when I only have 15-20 minutes tops to do my makeup. They're easy to apply and they stay on all day without fading or smudging. Ain't that what we all need for a daily face?

For my face base, I typically use two concealers: the MAC Studio Finish Concealer for blemishes and the Benefit Fake Up! Concealer for eye bags. I love the Fake Up because I don't need to wear eye cream underneath! It's very rich and hydrating, but it doesn't melt down my face even if I've been out for hours. I also love its brightening properties.

Before concealing though I put on the Happy Skin ZZ Cream. It's brightening and gives the prettiest dewy finish! I set everything with the Don't Get Mad, Get Even Powder Foundation, also from Happy Skin. Both products has SPF20++ which is a decent number for me as I rarely get exposed to the sun for very long.

Then, I contour with the Happy Skin Sculptacular Kit and finish it off with a blush with a bit of gold shimmer like the Benefit Rockateur. I also love the Ellana mineral blush in Obsession! That and Rockateur are my staples.

I usually wear at least one eye shadow color but since I recently blogged about my favorite singles and haven't put them back in their places yet (derp), I skipped the color. I just used the Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil (sooooo convenient and reliable!), the new K-Palette 1-Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner (this doesn't smudge and the new brush is awesome), and the NARS eyeliner in Barrow Street. Mint eyeliner brightens up my eyes, I find, making them look a lot less tired.

It's important not to wear too much though. It looks weird to have a green waterline!  

And finally, the lips! I used the L'Oreal Collection Star Lipstick in Barely Coral. Such a lovely, lovely shade. I mentioned in my review that it's a bit streaky and not very long-wearing, so I first layered on the Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Pencil in 22C to make it opaque and to increase the wear time. This is a really good lip liner! I don't have to worry about retouching whenever I wear it, plus it doesn't change the color of the lipstick all that much since it's a pale pink. Highly recommend it.

Sooo there you have it! Hope you enjoyed this FOTD. ^_^ I have a meeting in Binondo today (it's so far huhu) but we gotta do what we need to do, amirite.

How's your week been so far?