Jo Malone and the art of gifting - just because

The first ever Jo Malone perfume I received was a gift. This was years before the brand entered the Philippines, and it was precious enough that one can acquire it only during trips abroad or pre-orders from small online stores where you have to wait for weeks to get a bottle. My client back then, who is a generous and kind-hearted woman, gifted me Blackberry & Bay for my birthday. I was so amazed and felt so special when I opened it! The perfume is already expired, but I still keep the bottle in my scent shelf if only to remind me of that moment.


I’ve acquired several Jo Malone perfumes since then and the feeling is still the same. Opening the black and beige box with its thick grosgrain ribbon brings me back to that first ever scent, and I still get giddy with excitement every single time.

That said, the meaning of gifting has changed for me over time, as I grew older. Before, I thought of giving a gift only if there’s a special occasion but now I gift randomly - usually when a memory of a person made me smile or I saw something at the store that I thought someone might appreciate. This has made my personal relationships healthier; it’s nice to be remembered, and the gift itself doesn’t even have to be fancy for it to be meaningful. Yes, a Jo Malone perfume does go the extra mile, but a letter or even something handmade is just as special.

So yes, the next time the thought of someone being in your life made you happy, go ahead and gift them with something - just because. :)