How to create your own personal paradise with Zen Zest Home scents

You know how you have to put your game face on before leaving the house to get yourself psyched for the day ahead? Well, after coming home from a long day of work, it helps to have a kind of cool down ritual to help you relax. Maybe it means cooking up a nice dinner, booking a home service massage, or becoming absorbed in a book or TV show. While relaxation ultimately has to do with your state of mind, being in the right environment will definitely help you get there. 

Think about how just walking into a spa and breathing in the aromatic oils can instantly put you at ease. Instead of spending a lot of cash on treatments though, why not recreate that experience at home, for a fraction of the price? Conveniently bottled and easy to use, the Zen Zest Home & Aromatherapy collection has managed to capture the art of unwinding.

The quickest way to set the mood is by using a Home Spray (P250 for 100ml); just a couple of spritzes can immediately change the feel of a room. They have a ride range of scent variants, and each one has a distinct fragrance to calm or energize you. Ginger & Orange Blossom is a bright, citrusy scent with a zing; it awakens your senses and gives you an energy boost. Eucalyptus & Mint smells like a massage in a bottle - soothing and clears the mind of worries. Forest Bamboo has clean and crisp notes that help to improve focus.

If less-than-pleasant odors lurking in your home are affecting your peace of mind, you’ll need something better than just a cover-up. Zen Zest’s line of Home Deodorizers (P300 for 250ml) turns the tables on all the usual problem areas. The Choco Cappuccino scent of their Kitchen Fragrance replaces the grasa, lansa, and tutong odors with the delicious smells of a coffeeshop, and incite your cravings for dessert. To rid your storage spaces of the musty stench of old wood or moth balls, go for the Cabinet Deodorizer that features Iris Peony and Freesia Blossom. It’s the type of floral that’s sophisticated and complex, so I’m actually tempted to use it as a personal fragrance! Also available are Anti-Tobacco (a blend of cedarwood, bergamot, and pine) and Anti-Mosquito (citronella, lemongrass, and eucalyptus).

For cleaner air with just a hint of something amazing, Zen Zest offers Electric Diffusers and Humidifiers (P1,500) and Fragrance Oils (P500 for 100ml). It’s a must-have if you stay in an air-conditioned room as it helps keep your skin from drying out! Though a bit pricier than their other scents, a single bottle of fragrance oil will last you a long time as you’ll only need to add a few drops into the diffuser water. The scent fills the room within just a few minutes of turning the machine on. The Rose Petals, Orange & Musk Fragrance Blend has the scent of freshly laundered linens, while the Citronella Fragrance Blend is the fundamental anti-insect option. Other available scents include: Grapefruit, Green Tea and Verbena, Fresh Water Cucumber, and French Lavender.

Safety Tip: Exercise proper caution when using electric diffusers and humidifiers. An ideal water level needs to be maintained to allow it to function normally but smaller tanks can usually accommodate just about an hour’s worth of use. For safety, set an alarm, so that you don’t forget to turn off and unplug the unit.

It’s different for everybody, so we’d like to know what scents you associate with relaxation. I bet there will be some surprising answers!