Layer scents to your heart's content with Clean Air Fragrance

Clean doesn't have the instant name recall and the popularity of other fragrance brands, but if you're in the know then you know why Clean has its own cult following. I like my big name perfumes; I often identify with the fantasies and the personalities encapsulated in each bottle, but sometimes I want something serene. Something uncomplicated. Something that has absolutely no pretensions about what it is or what it sets out to do. 

That's why Clean has a special place in my perfume closet. It's fun to put on a sort of mask whenever I wear a fancy fragrance, but when I wear Clean, I wear it for the simple joy of smelling like I just stepped out of the shower all day. I don't wear it to impress anybody other than myself. Clean perfumes are subtle, but it enhances my mood and whatever outfit I'm wearing!

That said, the brand just came out with a new scent called Clean Air. This is a fresh woody floral fragrance with sparkling green top notes (mountain air accord, bergamot, lush green accord), feminine floral middle notes (freesia, powdered aldehydes, dewy peony), and a woody base (musk, cashmere woods, white amber). 

It's described as an "aldehydic" fragrance because it contains organic compounds called aldehydes. When added to perfumes, they provide a "soapy-waxy-lemony-floral" effect to the formula. Aldehydic scents are also known as the best types for layering, which is what Clean Air is designed for. It allows you to customize your fragrances by using it as a base or as a finishing flourish to your perfume look.

I think it's an excellent addition to duller, heavier perfumes. Clean Air will provide just the right sparkle to lighten up or dilute a stronger fragrance. Just use a lower ratio for the heavier scent versus Clean Air and you'll get something entirely new.

I like using this as a base for my Clean Skin. Skin is a warm and cozy scent; combined with Air, there is more ebullience and a sense of spontaneity to the fragrance. I love it! If you're interested in layering your scents too, you should give Clean Air a try. It is available in Rustan's and major department stores for P3,950/60ml. ^_^

Thoughts? How do you like layering your scents?