CLEAN Skin: A warm and sincere scent for everyday

CLEAN fragrances are a lot like Jo Malone - the brand doesn't come with much fanfare and it's probably not something you'll read about often in a magazine. They are quietly popular, with a loyal fanbase that speak of it excitedly if the topic comes up. It's one of those things that people in the know just know about.

I first tried CLEAN a few years back and found myself liking the honest, soap-based smell of it. It is sincere. There is no pretension, no complex story. CLEAN is about smelling clean, and everything from the simple packaging down to the actual notes of the fragrance embodies that.

The brand released a couple of new scents recently called Skin and Rain. Rain is supposed to capture the essence of a rain shower, with notes of melon and dainty florals in the aqua fragrance. CLEAN Skin (P1,650 for 30ml), which I have here, sets out to express the smell of clean, warm skin. Is it successful?

I think it is! Skin's top notes are composed of lotus blossom, honeydew, and fresh air accord. Mid notes are warm with aquatic notes, blue rose, and dewy petals. The base adds even more warmth - white musk, amber wood, and creamy vanilla settle on skin for hours on end. I wouldn't call this a light fragrance. It's much too rich to be so, but I wouldn't say it's heavy either. 

I like CLEAN Skin. It's a great daily scent, not too attention-grabbing yet not too weak either. It's the kind of fragrance that allows one's personality to show through instead of defining it! It also wears well throughout the day. The musky/woody base notes develops nicely on the skin and clothes as hours go by.

So there you go. ;) Have you tried CLEAN before? What do you think of Skin?


CLEAN scents come in 60ml/ P2,950 and 30ml/ P1,650 bottles. You can find them at Rustan's, The SM Store, Robinsons, Landmark and other leading department stores.



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