CLEAN Shower Fresh

If you've always dreamed of bottling the clean, just-stepped-out-from-the-shower smell, then you definitely need to try out CLEAN Shower Fresh. The name of the product really says it all! The brand says it's "not heavy, overwhelming, or pretentious" and I would have to agree. 

I find the scent a bit sharp at first spray, smelling of soap, but it lightens up with citrus notes almost immediately. The heart of the scent hints of floral notes (jasmine, Lily of the Valley, orange blossom) while the dry-down is a woody musk.

I love how it captures the experience of taking a shower - soaping up, then toweling down! This is perfect for those who want to be able to smell bagong ligo all day. Just one caveat: this perfume doesn't last all day. You'll get a good four to five hours of wear time, after which you will need to re-apply.

The packaging can do a bit more work, but I think that it's intentionally plain to go with the non-pretentious image. You'll be surprised at how much this goes for if you're just judging it by how it looks - it's P2,000 for a small bottle! That aside, I find it a great product for those who want a fresh, uncomplicated scent for everyday use.

CLEAN Shower Fresh is marketed towards women, but I think it's safe to say that guys will love this as well. It's a great accessory to go with the good guy, clean-cut image a lot of girls can't resist. ;)

You can find this perfume in Rustan's as well as other leading department stores in Metro Manila. It retails for 1oz./Php 2,000 and 2.14 oz./Php 3,900