Ukay Manila Valentine's Day Promos

I don't know if any guys actually visit my blog, but if there are any, this is a shoutout to you! Ukay Manila has a promo for all you the clueless males out there looking for the perfect gift this coming Valentine's Day.

Lizz Buenaventura's necklaces are handmade using polymer clay she sculpted and baked herself. If you're sick of those cheapass silver necklaces that you buy off malls just to appease her on the day of hearts then these necklaces are for you! Actually, if you're a girl and you're sick of your guy's usual presents, clue him in on this nice promo. *wink*

Visit the Trinket Box for more necklaces

Also, we have another promo for those who are looking for a great dress to wear on February 14.

You might think that 10% isn't a big deal, but if you're looking for something anyway then it wouldn't hurt to have a discount while at it! Cheers.