Manicure Mondays: Deborah Lippmann Polish in Glitter And Be Gay

Talent is cheap. There's tons of people out there with a natural talent for certain things, but the fact is that unless they spend hours and hours honing that talent, it's just potential. It's like oil under the ground. We have to dig for it, pump it to the surface, and refine it until it's ready to sell and use. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's way too easy to be mediocre. Good, but never good enough. That's how I feel about the things I do, most days.

But on to lighter things! Specifically, a shiny gold glitter polish from Deborah Lippmann called Glitter And Be Gay (P825). This is part of the fall collection but I think it's a perfect holiday nail polish as well!

Glitter And Be Gay has gold, holo, and blue glitters of several sizes suspended in a warm yellow gel base. This is meant to be used as a topper, specifically for its sister, Fake It Till You Make It which I am also wearing here. I love the dimension of this glitter polish, and how it changes color in the light due to the holo glitter. I received a lot of compliments when I had this on!

One layer should be just about right but I did two layers here to show off the sparkles in their full glory.

This polish is great for layering as it dries flat. It also sets fairly quickly (like 15-20 minutes). As for the staying power, it chips after a day or so - I wish it stays on longer considering the price, but I guess that's just the nature of glitter polish. I am, after all, literally just gluing pieces of plastic on my nails.

On the up side the chipping isn't that obvious until after three days. This formula is very forgiving on the eyes, and super easy to retouch too!

This is easy to peel off once it gets brittle which is about 5-6 days. I don't bother with nail polish remover anymore since it's a tough way to go. :P I just careful peel out bits and call it a day.

Overall, if you're looking for the perfect Christmas polish and inclined to shimmery, shiny things, try out this Deborah Lippmann one in Glitter And Be Gay. ^_^ You can find Deborah Lippmann in Rustans.

Thoughts? What polish are you planning to wear on Christmas?