Rustan's Beauty Source x Monchet y Compania Fans

One of the most influential books I had growing up was The Best of Lola Basyang. It was a collection of daring tales about knights and princesses, but my favorite ones were about the common people who managed to achieve their dreams. Unlike other children's stories, characters like Santiago Karandag, Clever Penduko and Ting the Fearless relied on their own courage and intelligence, not magic and benevolent fairy godmothers. 

Magic makes for a great story. Even better, however, are the talent and skills we have within us to make the impossible real.


Anyway, I'm reminded of Lola Basyang while trying to write about these Monchet y Compania fans - they could very well have been what the fictional grandmother would have used! They're these old school hand-made abanikos from the oldest fan makers in the Philippines. Even legendary designer Pitoy Moreno had The Petal Fan created especially for his ternos!

Rustan's Beauty Source has a neat promo where you can get one with a P10,000 purchase. :) You can avail of the fans until April 30, sooo catch it if you're looking for an elegant way to keep yourself cool this summer. More details in the poster!