United Colors of Benetton fragrances: Giallo, Rosso, Verde, Blu

Wow, that week was harrowing. For most of it, I suffered a 38 to 39 degree fever, vomited, lost consciousness etc etc. Well I'm not too excited to remember that. Suffice it to say that I am feeling a lot better now. I am only just taking anti-nausea pills and antibiotics now. Thank you to all who wished me well - you can't believe how you helped. Thanks especially to Marco who never left my side and took very good care of me.  

So where were we? Ahh, the The United Colors of Benetton fragrances! Here's what happened during the launch, in a nutshell:

photo from Alex for thePOC

IMG_2518 by project_vanity.

Gorgeous models

IMG_2525 by project_vanity.

Got their shirts spray-painted on


IMG_2528 by project_vanity.
Spritz spritz!
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So the question for the attendees were, what color are you? I'm a Yellow! I love the energetic but still soft scent that's great for daily wear. These Benetton colognes go back to the basics by exploring what each color means - Russo or Red for love and passion (sweet fruity-floral), Giallo or Yellow for light and sparkle (soft fruity-floral) are the colors/scents available for women. For men, they have Verde and Blu.
IMG_2561 by project_vanity.
I love that the packaging is very simple and elegant. The scents aren't expensive too! They're only P1,350 per bottle, so I reckon they'd be great as gifts. I'm sure they'll be very much appreciated. I have quite a collection of scents already, even so, I can say for sure that my Giallo will become a favorite - as soon as I can go out and wear it. :P Smell it at the SM fragrance counters, I'm sure you'll love it as well!