Digging for the perfect accessories at L'Indochine

The only neck accessory I've been wearing for the last four months is a gold necklace with a heart pendant. My dad gave it to me, so it has sentimental value, but I also love the simple aesthetic of the piece. Lately though, I'm feeling bling-y. I miss having a donya necklace to complement my plain tops!

So I went to the donya paradise: L'Indochine. It's one of my favorite stores in SM Aura, for it sells beautiful home accents, clothing, and accessories with an Asian theme. In fact, the items are sourced from all over the continent. They are also arranged in such a way that makes you feel like you're hunting for The Find, that one special item that you'll cherish for a long time. It's a great visual merchandising tactic, one that drives home the experience of shopping in an exotic flea market.

Photo credit: Toto Labrador, grabbed from The Happy Lab

I love the store's modern ethnic taste. I bought a bag charm and a necklace in L'Indochine before - beautiful items in their own right, but they are also such successful conversation starters! Anyhoo, here are a couple of things I purchased from L'Indochine a week or so ago:


This necklace is ostentatious and crazy and I love it. It's kinda pricey at P1,599 but I'm pretty sure I won't find the exact same thing in a tiangge. :P That's the problem with accessories these days - almost everyone sells almost the same thing! I don't mind springing for a statement piece that's fairly hard to find.

Leona Panutat (one of the owners) was there when I dropped by. I met her before, the first time I visited L'Indochine, and said hi to her because we have common acquaintances. It was totally unplanned. I think it's great when owners are actually always in their stores (like Holly of Wink Studio), because it means that they don't see it as just another business; for them, it's a passion project. 

Leona showed me around and pointed out the latest pieces. This beetle brooch caught my eye!

I wasn't planning on getting a brooch as I'm not really into brooches, but look at that bright emerald green. I had to take it home and use it as a pendant. It was just P595 too! There were other insects available but this one is the brightest, methinks.

So that's my L'Indochine mini-haul. ^_^ Hope you like the pics! I enjoyed taking them haha.

Have you been to L'Indochine before?


L'Indochine on Instagram - this is where the owners usually update and post their own OOTDs