Reader Question: Updated top foundation picks

Hi! Can you please post your top foundation picks as of 2013, particularly ones that are great for our humid weather. Thank you! - CM

Hi CM! Great question. I have a newish rotation of foundations so this is quite timely. ^_^ There's lots of amazing bases but there are only a few that I use regularly. This narrow selection is what I feel matches my skin type (combination-oily) and preference (demi matte to dewy) perfectly. They stay on for a minimum of five to six hours which I think is average for face bases in this tropical humidity.

Here are my current favorite foundations. I wanted to list only five but I didn't want to cut down any more than I already have, hehe. Also I have yet to review two products (the Ellana and Happy Skin ones) in this line-up so you'd have to be contented with a summary. :P The rest, you can find full reviews linked to their names.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation (P2,650). This is my most reliable foundation, ever. It looks great no matter how bad my skin looks, it's photogenic, and lasts all freakin' day. It's a pain to apply unless you have a Beauty Blender. So get a Beauty Blender sponge if you want to maximize this particular base.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Compact (P2,400). And here's the no-fuss version of the liquid foundation. This requires very little blending or layers. It also looks like skin. I use this mostly when I'm in a big hurry for an event and don't have time to mess around with liquid.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup (P1,900). This is not as long-wearing nor does it have heavy coverage like Bobbi Brown, but it brightens and makes my skin look naturally nice. I use this when I look gray and ill; it's the only thing (other than my fave BB and CC cream) that fakes healthy skin.

Ellana Intensive Cover Foundation (P450). My fave foundation when I was in college! I lost touch with it for a while but with the brand's relaunch, I got to rediscover it. This has heavy, flawless coverage and nice staying power, good enough for those who go to the office or school. I found a perfect shade match (Hazelnut Latte, FYI) too.

I highly recommend it to those who suffer from oily skin, acne, and redness. You won't have to use a lot of concealer once this foundation is done with your face.

Happy Skin Don't Get Mad, Get Even Liquid Foundation (P999). The shade I have (the darkest out of the available three) looks pinkish and weird on me when I apply it, but it eventually tones down to match my color. It's not ideal but I'll take it! I love the medium coverage, glowy finish, and superb longevity. I've worn this for six hours and my face is barely shiny. How cool is that?

Naturactor Cover Face Foundation (P790). I wish this stays on my face longer, but I have yet to find a foundation with a beautiful, petal-like finish like Naturactor's. It's something you have to put on your face to believe. The shade selections sucks though, but if you find one that matches, never let go. ;) I use 151! It's a taaaad light than I would prefer but it tones down after half an hour or so.

Clinique Even Better Powder Makeup SPF 25/PA+++ (P1,950). I don't often hit pan with a powder foundation, but when I do, you know I love it. Truly. Madly. I love the Even Better powder because it has a silky soft texture that makes it ideal for setting liquid bases. I also use it to retouch my makeup during the day. My favorite way to wear it, though, is on top of the Clinique CC Cream. Life changing, I swear.

So there you go! :) I hope this was useful. Share also your favorite foundation finds this 2013!