Clinique Week: Even Better Powder Makeup SPF 25/PA+++

There was a time when flawless makeup involved layers and layers of products on the face. Sure our skin was smothered in all that gunk, but the result looked convincingly pretty enough that we didn't mind. Thanks to technology though we have all these new face bases. They successfully cut down on the amount of liquids and powders that we need to combine to get that naturally gorgeous skin effect. 

One such base is the new Clinique Even Better Powder Makeup SPF 25/PA+++ (P1,950). This is a light to medium coverage powder foundation that promises  luminous, porcelain-like radiance that would give the skin a youthful look. That's a lot to promise, but I believe it delivers! I only wish it offers better staying power for long-haul days, but to its credit it's also a great retouch powder due to its super smooth, satiny texture.

That texture is really something. It's so fine that according to Clinique's Marketing Manager, they weren't able to stamp the logo on the surface of the powder! You'll notice that other Clinique compacts have that ubiquitous stamp. Even Better doesn't have that because it falls apart. To the touch, it feels creamy, almost (though not quite) liquid. It applies as a powder.

I love the satin finish. It doesn't have any visible shimmer in it but it makes the skin look naturally smooth and bright without much layering. The foundation can look powdery when first blended on skin; it sinks in as it settles.

This foundation is ideal for girls with dry to combination, fairly good skin. It can be worn alone for those types! Those with oily, troubled skin must wear it with primer, and then layer it a few times to get the desired coverage (it's buildable, don't worry). This powder does not control oil, but it makes your base look quite flawless.

The Even Better Powder worn with a touch of concealer (just to cover blemishes and dark circles). IMHO it looks fresh and natural!

I know you're sick of this picture haha. But this is the Even Better when used as a finishing powder on top of of a mid-coverage liquid foundation.

The new Silvertone Refillable Compact looks very classy and expensive but yeah - fingerprints! Everywhere! All the time! It's easy to wipe off though and you have the option to use the old compacts. :)

So that's it I guess! Overall, the Clinique Even Better Powder Makeup SPF 25/PA+++ is a nice everyday powder foundation for girls who have fairly good skin and need polish more than coverage. If you have troubled, oily skin then this is a nice setting/retouch compact as it can help minimize redness, pores, and light blemishes.

That sponge is awesome, can I just say! It's floppy and soft and spreads makeup evenly. It's easy to wash too. You get a sponge for every refill you buy.

I do like this foundation even with its limitations. It's perfect with the Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream - that combo is a killer! I'm fortunate enough to have nice skin lately so these two products alone make up my daily makeup routine. Hey, the SPF is also mighty useful. ;)

Do you think this foundation is for you?