Liz Asks: How do you feel about cardboard compacts?

This is so random but I saw a bunch of these in my vanity and thought, am I the only one who has warmed up immensely to these cardboard buggers? I hope I'm not alone, haha. I used to scoff at cardboard packaging but now I think they're pretty cool. They will probably never be as luxurious as a gold compact from Guerlain or Estee Lauder, but they are way lighter and infinitely cuter.

Brands have more room for creativity when making a cardboard case. They can put any image and texture they can think of on laminated paper, and still the cost would be reasonable if not more affordable than plastic cases. Cardboard is light and can cushion a powder product from a nasty fall. It's also recyclable.

Downside is paper can get dented and dirty easily. In the end though, cardboard compacts don't require any more care than normal plastic ones. What do you think? Do you like or even prefer cardboard compacts?