My mini beauty haul from Tokyo

You know what (and this is just an observation, not a complaint) having a beauty blog and getting sent a lot of free stuff takes all the fun out of makeup shopping. Whenever I see something that makes me go "oooh-I-want-that-looks pretty-awesome!", that enthusiasm is quickly followed by a dour practicality "But-I-have-like-twenty-of-those". 

Every so often I do buy something because I feel that I absolutely need it and don't have something like it yet. However, it ends up getting buried by all the other products that I still need to start using and reviewing. I told you. It's sometimes not at all fun to be a beauty blogger.

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That's why when I went to Japan a few weeks back, I only grabbed three beauty products for myself. These were things I felt I needed at that time. Besides, they were inexpensive so it'd be totes fine if I don't use them often or like them at all. :P

I stopped by Matsumoto Kiyoshi in Akihabara to look for some pabili and to check out the drugstore beauty stuff (of course). Here's what I got!

Smooth cover powder? I'm on it! I needed a new setting powder or maybe a sheer foundation and this looks just about right for the job. Heroine Make is an interesting brand, too; I wouldn't be surprised if I saw this in the PH soon! That's why I had such high hopes for this powder. It is smooth and coverage is light to medium, but man does it smell. I'm going to be a little harsh here - it smells cheap. Well it is quite cheap at around 600 yen only. Maybe I'll get over it. Maybe not. 

Remember, I lost my MAC Girl Boy. I was still looking for a brow mascara to replace it and I've heard good things about Dolly Wink's. I think this is just also around 600 yen; Dolly Wink is really cheap in Japan. Surprise surprise!

I got this blonde shade called Milk Tea because I wanted something to just slightly lighten my brows after a layer of brow pencil/powder/pen. Big mistake. This is too effective! The coverage is heavy and is the same color as you see in the tube.

If you don't have blond hair, don't get this. It's way too light even if you have a layer of brow color on already. I wish I got a darker shade!

I'd say this brush is my favorite out of the three. This was only 330 yen if I remember rightly! I always like to have spare powder brushes just in case. This looks perfect for my application style and go-to product. The synthetic hair is ultra-soft too. Such a steal!

And that's that. ^_^ My haul this time isn't as erm, impressive as last time, but I hope you don't mind.