The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Ximena & Salt Scrub

I'm useless at night. I'd rather wake up at 3am than stay up past 11pm. This isn't just me wanting to feel like a special unicorn - a morning person among night owls - but simply how my body clock functions. Forcing myself to stay up for any reason makes me slow and unproductive when I wake up. I'm perfectly fine as long as I sleep by 10 or 11pm and wake up by 5 or 6am!

Sorry if I bored you there. I'm just trying to make small talk before I start this review - it gets harder and harder every time, you know. :P We know each other so well.


Anyway! Here's something good to check out at The Body Shop next time you're there. It's something I love using in the shower lately, since it smells wonderful and feels so gentle while exfoliating nicely. It's The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Ximena & Salt Scrub - a classic best-seller from the brand, if I'm not mistaken!

TBS describes it as a luxuriously pampering creamy salt scrub for the body with skin softening butters from Africa. A quick scan of the ingredients will show that it's mostly made out of emollients, as well as shea butter and ximenia (a type of flowering plant) seed oil. It's actually a coarse, semi-solid goop when you scoop it out of the jar. It's not sudsy at all; it just emulsifies as you rub it on skin.


At first I was worried that the gritty bits are similar to those environmentally-harmful micro-beads, but they're not. They're salt. How do I know? Well, I tasted it. :P It's nice to know that I'm using bits that dissolve in the water instead of sitting in lakes somewhere and choking, I don't know, fish.


I like this scrub because it's gentle and smells powdery sweet. And there's such a huge amount in the jar! I also like that it leaves my skin feeling so moisturized that I don't need to apply body lotion afterwards.


I'm not feeling the packaging though. It's hard to open when you have slippery hands in the bath, plus it always whips back if you don't hold the cap down first. It's pretty manageable otherwise.

Overall, I think The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Ximena & Salt Scrub is a great find! I'm not surprised that it's popular among TBS lovers. ^_^