Love: Clinique Nutcracker Act 1 Compact

Independence - living on your own, in your own place - is one of the best things money can buy. No one can bother you unless you want to be bothered. You can go in and out whenever you want, eat whatever, and make as much noise as you feel like. Sometimes though you can run out of things to do. It's then that you are forced to examine your life and wonder if it was all worth the occasional loneliness and grumpiness with bills.

Yes. Yes it is. ^_^

Anyhoo today I'd like to talk about the Clinique Nutcracker Act 1 Compact (P2,400). I thought that the colors included in this palette were too cool for my skin tone but they work surprisingly well; the coolness serves as a beautiful contrast on my warm Asian tone. It's one of those things that look good even though it shouldn't.

This compact contains four eyeshadows, one blush, and a couple of applicators should you wish to apply makeup on the go. 

There's a frosty white, petal pink, mauvey pink, and a sparkly charcoal included in the Snowflake Suite All About Shadow Quad. The blush, called Plie Pink, is a light pink with fine silver shimmer. The powder is well-pressed and has a beautiful satin finish with a diffused glow. I received half a dozen compliments when I wore it to two parties last Thursday! (Yes I counted haha).

Like I said, those colors above aren't what would usually work for my skintone, but somehow, they do. How I like to wear the eyeshadow is apply the pink mauve all over the lids, layer the charcoal over on the area close to my lashes and a little up to the crease, and then pat on a bit of the pink in the centre. 

The blush I apply right in the apples of my cheeks. See that dewy glow right there? It's so gorgeous! Doesn't make me look oily too.

I do wish that the eyeshadows were more pigmented but I Just apply my usual primer to get them to pop. The blush wears a long time - it's on for about 4-5 hours even without retouching.

I love bringing this palette because it's classy, has a large mirror, and I can touch up my colors if I need to! The applicators included are kinda meh but they will serve in a pinch.

Overall, I highly recommend the Clinique Nutcracker Act 1 Compact if you like chic, sophisticated pinks. This is what I grab when I'm bored with my neutrals but don't want to go too heavy on the eyes.