Kanebo Kate Gel Eyeliner

The Kanebo Kate Gel Eyeliner (P660) has a sort of quiet yet esteemed rep among makeup enthusiasts here in Asia. You see, I've been hearing about this product for years as a great cheap substitute to the famous (and expensive) MAC Fluidline. So is it true? 

Well, yes.  

What I love about the product

  • Extremely creamy to the point of being liquid. This makes the product easy to maneuver as it glides effortlessly on the lids without tugging.
  • Applies as a true matte black in one swipe. No need to layer.
  • Waterproof and stays put all day. There is a teeny bit of smudging, but it's not bothersome. (I don't have oily lids though)
  • Very affordable! It's only P660 for 2.5 grams in SM. This'll last forever too since a little goes a long way.


What I don't like about the product

  • If you're not careful, you end up with too much product in the brush due to the creaminess. I always have to control my hand whenever I dip.
  • Can be difficult to remove if you don't have the right makeup remover. It's so very, very black and sticks like nobody's business when it hardens.


  • Good for smudging on the waterline, but make sure to set it with black eyeshadow to keep it in place. 



I highly recommend the Kanebo Kate Gel Eyeliner to girls who love themselves a good pot of eyelining goodness. It's affordable, and it delivers very well. It's similar to the MAC Fluidline in many respects, except the fact that the Fluidline has a less creamy texture for easier control and of course, better packaging. Otherwise, this Kate eyeliner is a great dupe for it.

I suggest you get this if you like a defined, sharp line but not fond of the limited brush that liquid eyeliners offer. 


I love it! This eyeliner has made it in my routine. I prefer gel eyeliners over pencils and liquid ones because they offer precision while still being easy to apply. I also like that I can depend on it when I plan to be out all day.

Currently, I love using it with this dual-ended brush from Avon - it's only P129. YES, Avon makes brushes! This deserves another post since this brush is one of my favorites.