Rave: NYX Girls Nail Polish

During the SuperSale Bazaar at Rockwell a couple of weeks back, I got a chance to chat with Sol of Digital Traincase about our favorite topics: makeup and nail polish! That aside, I find her to be one of the most inspiring businesswomen in the online beauty niche. Even with a hectic job at an international organization, she managed to start her online store selling NYX cosmetics, a venture which later on proved to be a major success. Even celebs like Pia Magalona buy from her!

So anyway, while I was at her booth at the bazaar, I was browsing for some NYX Girl Nail Polishes to buy. She said that she didn't like these polishes before, but the revamped version, which she has, really impressed her when her supplier offered her to try samples. That coming from a nail polish fanatic who has Dior, Chanel, and other expensive brands in her extensive collection, I was sold.

I got three NYX Girls Nail Polish bottles: Luscious Green, Fire Amber, and Pacific Blue. Did I say these are only P150 a pop? It's pricier than local drugstore brands, but I swear, the quality and finish is similar to high-end polishes! The formula is smooth, easy to apply, extremely pigmented, dries fast and has pretty good staying power. I've been wearing them for the past two weeks so I can say with conviction that they're awesome.

I tried Pacific Blue first. It's a very rich, deep blue with fine shimmer that appears within its depths. These days, the thing I'm looking for in nail polish is that "dimensional" effect. Pacific Blue definitely has it! The gorgeous shade is also office-safe since it's not that bright or dark.

The next color I used is Luscious Green. It's a golden green, almost duochrome shade that really brightens up my tips. I love this too; the color will speak for itself!

I don't have a swatch of Fire Amber since I failed to take a picture of it when I wore it some days ago, but I'll post it here when I wear it again. It's a darkened, gothic red with an effect similar to Pacific Blue. The color is pretty, but it's not something I would normally go for since I feel it's aging. I don't know! I'd like it better if the red was a little brighter.

A little caveat about these polishes: some of the colors may be too pigmented. They tend to bleed when you need to remove them. I didn't notice any permanent staining on my nails though. Some of the red stuck on my nails after I took it off, but the dye was gone in a few washes. Nothing I can't deal with.

Verdict: I am definitely getting NYX Girl Nail Polishes again! Can't wait for more colors. You can view the available shades in this album.