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New from In Her Element Skincare: Get a dewy glow with the Rosewater Moisture Mist

One of the best parts of my job is being able to create new beauty products from nothing more than a bunch of ideas. Writing about them is one thing but making something new is a whole different ball game! It’s easy to say that a product must be this and this to be perfect. However, there are so many other things to consider like cost of goods, the minimum order, how talented the chemist and how capable the manufacturer is, availability of ingredients, and packaging. Gosh, packaging. You have to think about aesthetics versus functionality and even how the product reacts to the container over time.

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Mist or Miss? The lowdown on the safety of spray-on sunscreen

Since SPF is one of the basic tenets of skincare, it’s no surprise that sunscreen is available in a LOT of forms. In the sea of creams, lotions, serums, sticks, and gels, spray-on aerosol sunscreens have become a popular choice. And the appeal is understandable: it’s lightweight on the skin, spill-proof, and easy to use. BUT is it all it’s cracked up to be? Let’s discuss possible issues with aerosol sunscreens, and what we can do to fix them.

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Budget Beauty: Under P700 face mists that we're loving right now

I was late to the face mist party as was the rest of my skincare routine. Liz shared about getting into the misting habit as early 2013, which unfortunately was circa 3 BB (Before Beauty) for me. Now that I regularly use mists, I wish I’d started using them earlier! Before I thought face mists were just an excuse for beauty brands to sell overpriced water in a spray bottle. When I finally got to try it though, I was de-mist-ified as to why they’re so popular. Good ones truly do hydrate my skin whether I'm wearing makeup or not.

Still, I’m glad that I got into it when I did, as I’m so spoiled for choices. I’ve tried quite a few PV-approved mists, as well as awesome finds for under P500. Here are more mists that deserve to be in our radar!

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