Seven facial mists to keep your makeup natural and fresh

I have always been curious about facial mists. Back when I didn’t know what they were for, I thought that it would just be an extra step to my already extensive makeup and skincare routine. But now I know better. I swear by my MAC Fix+ for freshening up and for setting makeup! It really helps my foundation look more natural, and boosts my skin's hydration whenever it feels dry in the middle of the day.

There are plenty of choices out there so here’s a shortlist of some of the most raved-about facial mists you might want to try!

MAC Prep + Prime Fix+

Because of its name, this MAC product is often seen as a fixing spray that locks your makeup in place though you can use it prior to application. As a setting spray, what it really does is to remove that powdery finish you get from applying, well, finishing powders. This facial mist also contains green tea, chamomile, and cucumber so it's good for your skin especially with regular use.

AVENE Eau Thermale

This facial mist slash setting spray is more well-known for its skin-soothing, hydrating properties. Online reviews are rave about on the many occasions in which this product had been their lifesaver. Dry or irritated skin can get instantly better with a regular spritzing of this product.

EVIAN Facial Spray

Similar to the previous product, hydration is the name of the game for this facial mist. Spray on top of your makeup, and you don't have to worry about messing up anything while delivering helpful minerals to your skin. The best part is that this spray also comes in a convenient 5 oz./150 ml travel size.

YADAH Anti-T Mist

This baby from South Korea is another skin refreshing mist packed with herbal ingredients. To get the most of its vitamin rich formula, spraying before applying makeup (like a toner) is a must. You can then spritz on top of makeup after or as needed throughout the day to freshen up and even use as a gentle toner.

PIXI Glow Mist

Unlike the previous products, this one is an argan oil-based facial mist. The brand advises applying this before and after makeup application for a dewy finish. You can also use it on its own for moisturized glowing skin!

CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Face Spray

As the product's name suggests, an increase in moisture on your skin is the goal of this facial mist. Use alone throughout the day, or apply with your fave moisturizer and it gets the job done. The oil-free and aloe-infused formula makes this a must-try for oily and combination skin types.

L'OREAL Infallible Pro-Spray & Set

The last facial mist slash setting spray on our list is backed up by years of runway experience of L'Oreal makeup artists. Referred to as a "micro-mist", this is sprayed after applying makeup to make it last longer, as numerous online reviews have verified. Take note that alcohol is one of the ingredients on the list, though, so getting the smallest size may be best if you have oily or combination skin.

Have you tried any of the facial mists listed above? Which one’s your favorite?