The Misting Habit

I'm crazy about facial mists lately. I've used them before, irregularly, but now I spray my face right after I'm finished with my makeup routine! This new habit started while I was traveling last July and August. It was the height of summer in Japan and Hong Kong, so I needed something that works to dispel the icky, hot feeling on my skin - a feeling that won't go away with just powder and blotting sheets.

I discovered (rather late!) that spraying on a facial mist is a great way to refresh your makeup in the middle of the day. My skin also feels re-energized because of the cool water, taking away the sensation of being a wilted flower. 

It's obvs not that hot in the Philippines right now, but I continued misting because it's also an excellent way to remove that powdery look. Even if I'm only using a light liquid base and powder, the finished makeup can still turn out too matte to my liking. The layers will settle down in an hour, sure, but spraying on a facial mist cuts down that time to five minutes.

The benefits of misting, summarized. It helps reveal your skin's real glow under all that makeup!

I have three mists here - the MAC Mineralized Charged Water is closer to toner, I think, and is a great way to intensify makeup. I use it for foiling eyeshadows and applying cake eyeliner. The Evian Facial Spray is all-around and pretty basic. I think it gives off the finest, best mist.

The Clinique Moisture Surge Spray actually moisturizes my skin. I like to use this while on the plane ( the travel size is small enough not to be noticed by security) or whenever I have long-wearing foundation on. Foundations like that sometimes dry my skin around the cheeks! Clinique doesn't sell this travel-sized bottle, unfortunately, but it's always in their Bonuses. At least I have the bottle - I can just refill it from the full size!

And that's it really. ^_^ Do you mist regularly? Why am I the last person in the beauty industry to discover this wonderful habit??