MAC Mineralized Charged Water

How do you feel about face mists? I don't use them all the time but they're nice to have around. Say, you over-applied your foundation or powder and would like to take the thickness down a notch - spray some mist on your face. You want to intensify your eyeshadow or powder liner? Mist your brush before dipping it in the color. You want to moisturize your face in the middle of the day without actually removing all your makeup? Mist up! See I told you it's handy. ;)

Now there's an argument to be made for simply filling up an atomizer spray bottle with water. But I swear it's not the same. Proper face mists - the one you buy off the shelves for a price that sounds ridiculous for what is basically bottled water - is better than a DIY attempt. That's not to say that a DIY mist is not any good, I'm sure it will work fine, but it's not going to be quite as nice as a cosmetic mist.

The MAC Mineralized Charged Water is water infused with diamond powder (supposedly) and a nice citrus tea scent. It delivers a very fine spray to distribute the water evenly all over the face. I use it to set my makeup sometimes, when I feel that I've used too much finishing powder. It's best as a foiling medium though! 

I don't know what's in it (can't find ingredients, and it's not just 100% water as it tastes a little bitter like toner) but the Charged Water really helps intensify eyeshadows - yes more than water can. It sort of melts the powder a little, thus bringing out the dye and pigments in the eyeshadow. I'm not sure if that makes sense but it's the best way I can describe it!

The foiling technique, especially when used with the MAC Charged Water, helps make even the most powdery, gritty metallic eyeshadows come out opaque.

I once used it with an Estee Lauder palette and the brush cut through the powder like butter. Not so much as to go deep but just enough to sort of turn the wet surface into a concentrated liquid eyeliner. I kinda squirmed a little at that because the palette has such a lovely design hehe.

Anyway, if you've ever owned one of those eyeshadow transformers (water that turn powder shadows into liquid liner) then you'd know what I mean. Charged Water is great not just for using the foiling technique for eyeshadows, but for using your eyeshadows as eyeliner, as well. :)

Overall, the MAC Mineralized Charged Water is fab to have if you're OC about your eyeshadow application, setting your face makeup and/or if you like recharging your face during the day. Otherwise it won't be worth the splurge. ;)

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