Clinique Moisture Surge Intense

The weather has been cold and windy lately. It's a great fashion opportunity (layering and cute boots, anyone?) but it's not so kind to our skin. I'm sure some of you have been suffering from dryness and even flakiness on the face and hands! I would too, if I haven't been using the Clinique Moisture Surge Intense (P2,600) this past month.

I usually get very dry come December up to February, when the season is colder than average. It's worse on my cheeks and sides of the mouth/ nose. It's kind of ridiculous that I didn't think of using a heavier moisturizer than I normally do but then again, I don't like that many moisturizers as much as the original Clinique Moisture Surge. So yes, the Intense version is a brilliant idea for people like me.

The CMS is a great moisturizer for oily skin in tropical weather like ours, but the thing is it doesn't give the necessary moisture once the weather turns. Intense is heavier, creamier, and is almost unrecognizable from the CMS gel formula except for the trademark pink jar. It has a sharp smell, similar to the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, except that it's quite strong. It fades quickly once applied though so I don't mind.

The most important question is: what does Intense do for me? Well, pretty much everything that CMS does really, just more! It smoothens, softens, and keeps my skin dewy-looking and supple. The main difference is that the moisture is maintained for hours on end. I would wear this under my makeup, and come removal time (say eight hours later) my skin feels as if I just used moisturizer 5 minutes ago.

I was worried that it would make me oilier but I didn't notice increased oiliness. Maybe because of the weather, but I've worn this during hot days and it did well under makeup. I just make sure to use a tiny, tiny bit if I'm going out during the day. As in one dab on my finger is enough for my whole face. I usually use more before I sleep as the airconditioner eats up moisture in our place.

Additional points for these features: Intense did not break me out, doesn't clog my pores even with the rich texture, and is actually nice to use under the eyes. 

Overall, the Clinique Moisture Surge Intense is a great maintenance moisturizer if you fall into any of the following:

a. You have sensitive, dry skin year-round.

b. You have combination-oily skin that dries/flakes up in colder weather.

c. You have mature skin that needs more suppleness and elasticity.

I won't recommend this for girls with oily skin - just go for the original Clinique Moisture Surge. This also isn't for people who are averse to strong-smelling skincare. Just a heads up! ;)

As for me I really like the Intense. It's one of the few moisturizers that I would swear by. So, what do you think? Is this moisturizer for you?